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Bailey Unicorn Seville

The Front Lounge
With the combination of the distinctive large vertical front skylight, a rooflight above and the surrounding windows, the front lounge area of the Bailey Unicorn Seville has a wonderfully balanced, light and welcoming feel. High quality seating enables you to enjoy this lovely space and it comes in good measure - both seats are 1.9 metres long, easily seating six people and the seats are really comfortable. There is storage space beneath the seats, accessed by lifting the wooden slatted seat supports. These are sprung loaded to make this task easier. The recessed, two drawer cabinet positioned between the seats, has a slide-out occasional table facility - very useful for those relaxing times with a cup of tea or coffee and soft close drawers.( see photographs ).

The lounge area has a large front window shelf and this is fitted with a TV connection point that has both 12 volt and mains sockets - a clever piece of space utilisation and design by Bailey. This does not replace the main TV station, but provides an additional place to site a television. For further entertainment there is the JVC DAB Radio / CD player / MP3 player which has both an auxillary input and a USB port as well. Both TV connection points and the radio are connected to a Vision Plus VP3 signal booster increasing the likelyhood of good signal reception wherever you go.

At night there is a choice of making this area into a double bed ( 6' 3" x 6' 6" ) or two singles ( 6' 3" x 2' 2" ). The process of transforming this space into a sleeping area is made easier by a feature Bailey calls the 'Slatted front bed make-up system'. This feature is so easy to use because it simply pulls out and slides back on guide rails set at the front of the seats.

For night-time lighting there are no less than 4 directional spotlights in the lounge area. All are individially switched, so you can select which ones you wish to use and when. In addition to these, Bailey have placed small LED down lighters that run right around the lounge area, TV station and the Kitchen with even more of them lighting up the kitchen worktop.

The Kitchen
Situated at the center of the overall layout of the Bailey Unicorn Seville and directly opposite the entrance door, the kitchen area has a modest amount of workstop space. To help with this there is a handy fold-up/down worktop extension ( see photograph ). Inset into the worktop is a circular stainless steel sink with mixer tap ( see photograph ). The Thetford hob is flush with the worktop and has three gas rings and an electric hotplate. The Thetford Caprice combination oven and grill beneath the worktop has electronic ignition and for safety it features a flame failure device.

Completing our walk-around the kitchen equipment, there is the substantial Dometic 133 litre tower refrigerator with electronic ignition and the Daewoo stainless steel 800 watt microwave oven gives further versatilty and cooking options. Two mains sockets are available in the kitchen for kitchen appliances.

A fairly unique aspect of the kitchen is the large capacity drawer just beneath the worktop which has a large space for just about anything you want to use it for and a compartment for the cutlery tray. Further storage is provided by the decent sized cupboard beneath the drawer, 2 overhead cupboards, a useful sized cupboard above the frideg and a handy one beneath the oven which is ideal for baking trays and similar items.

The WC / Shower Room
Situated to the rear of the Bailey Unicorn Seville the WC / Shower room features a Thetford C-260 cassette toilet with an integrated header tank and the inboard shower unit has a ceramic ball mixer tap. The shower cubicle has a really nice feature as it is fitted with an Ecocamel shower head that saves you energy and money. It is also fitted with two lights. There is a large corner cupboard / wardrobe that has the usual hanging rail with shelving beneath for other types of clothing items.

More storage suitable for toiletries and similar items is provided by cupboards above the toilet and beneath the washbasin. There is also a handy linen basket cupboard to the left of the washbasin.

The TV Station
Situated directly opposite the kitchen, the TV station area has a TV connection point, a 12v socket plus two mains socket ( see photograph ). The Tv connection is wired to a Vision Plus VP3 signal booster and that in turn is connected to a Vision Plus digital reciever. Cupboards above and below provide storage for equipment, handsets, DVD's and similar items.
Bailey Unicorn Seville Picture Gallery
Bailey Unicorn Seville Exterior Bailey Unicorn Seville Interior This view shows off the large skylight/panoramic window with the rooflight above. This combination plus the surrounding windows produces excellent balance daylight and gives the lounge area a delightful ambience. Bailey Unicorn Seville - 2 Drawer Slide Out Occasional Table The occasional table is very easy to access and put away and is ideal for cups of tea, coffe and cakes whilst you relax and enjoy your holiday. This arrangement of wooden slats is easy to access and put away. It glides along rails at the front of the seats and makes the whole process of changing the front lounge area into a sleeping area so much easier to achieve. Just a close-up view of the upholstery fabric pattern and the curtain pattern behind. This view will give you a good idea of the space available for storage beneath the lounge seats. Once you have removed the seats, the slatted wooden frames simply lift up and assisted by strong springs. A detail view of the direction spotlights. There are four of the lights. Each light is individually switched - so you can choose which ones you want to have on. They are set into the four corners of the lounge area. This TV connection point with 12 volt and mains supply sockets is set at the very front of the caravan and is a useful alternative / addition to the the main TV station area. So if you preferr to have a television placed on the large integrated window cill at the front of the lounge area you can. The caravan has this high quality JVC DAB radio / CD player fitted. For extra versatility it has both an auxillary input and a USB connection port. It is of course connected to the in-built stereo speakers. Kitchen - An overall view of the kichen area Kitchen - This image shows the worktop extension flap which can be raised when preparing meals just to give that extra worktop space when needed and then of course folded away again when finished with. Kitchen - A detail view of the round, stainless steel sink set into the worktop. A chopping board that seats itself into the top of the sink is also provided. Kitchen - An unusual, but very useful, large capacity drawer with cutlery tray compartment to the right is located just beneath the worktop. The Unicorn Seville Dual Fual Hob with Electric Hotplate and 3 Gas Burners Kitchen - The Thetford Caprice combined oven and grill with electonic ignition. It also has a nice safety feature - the flame failure device. Kitchen - The Daewoo 800 watt, stainless steel microwave oven with an ECO button enabling you to select the Zero standby energy consumption feature - a great way of reducing power consumption in the caravan. Kitchen - This internal view of the eye-level cupboards in the kitchen will help to give some idea of their capacity and depth. Note: both the plate rack and bottle rack can be very easily removed if you so wish. Having reached series 3 the Unicorn Seville is now fitted with a Dometic Tower Refrigerator WC / Shower Room - A view of the Thetford C-260 cassette toilet with integrated header tank and the washbasin with dirty linen basket to the left. WC / Shower Room - A view of the washbasin and shower cubicle. WC / Shower Room - An internal view of the large wardrobe style cupboard with hanging rail next to the cassette toilet. WC / Shower Room - An internal view of the useful storage cupboard above the cassette toilet. WC / Shower Room - the shower cubicle is fitted with the popular EcoCamel shower head. The Seville id fitted with an Alde Radiator TV Station Area - a general view of the TV station with TV connection point, 12 volt and mains supply and storage cupboards and drawers for equipment. At times when you just want to bring the sunshine in, then having the door open can be just the ticket - but there are some things you want to keep outside - this built-in flyscreen will help keep out the unwanted insects. Simply pulls across. The caravan comes with a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector for your safety and peace of mind. Bailey Unicorn Series 3 Solar Panel The Bailey Unicorn Seville Layout
Interior View
Plan / Layout Of The Caravan
Bailey Unicorn Seville
Berth: 2
Year: 2015
Shipping Length: 6.470m (21' 3")
Overall Width: 2.28m (7' 6")
Maximum Weight: 1369 kg
Unladen weight: 1242 kg
  • Bailey Unicorn Seville Front Skylight FeatureOpening Vertical Skylight - A distinctive feature of the Bailey Unicorn Series, the vertical front skylight provides lots of daylight into the front lounge area. It can be opened to provide ventilation and has an integral two part pleated flyscreen and a night blind as well.
  • Truma Solar Panel - a 100 watt solar panel mounted on the roof helps provide energy by charging up your battery for free. Keeps your leisure battery charged without any effort and doesn't rely on your memory!
  • AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock - portable wheel lock.
  • Bailey Unicorn Seville Truma Solar Roof Panel FeatureAL-KO ATC trailer control system - an anti-snaking system for caravans. ATC monitors for instability, making every journey you take safer and more controlled.
  • AL-KO AKS 3004 stabiliser - stabilisers reduce rolling and pitching whilst you are towing and significantly improve the smoothness of a journey. They give the driver greater confidence and control.
  • AL-KO Chasis - The Unicorn Seville has an AL-KO one piece galvanised steel chasis, braking system and running gear.
  • Alu-Tech Bodyshell - supplied with a 6 year transferable bodyshell integrity guarantee and a 3 year transferable manufacturers components warranty, the Alu-Tech bodyshell is a patented aluminium external framework that clamps the bodyshell panels together. As a result there are fewer external joints making the shell more weatherproof. Thicker panels provide significantly better insulation keeping you warm in the cold and cooler in the summer.
  • Tracker System - with high security one key operation for reduced premiums and peace of mind.
  • 14 inch Alloy Wheels - fitted with Michelin tyres and anti-tamper WSL Safety Bolts
  • Recessed 2-Drawer Front Chest - with slide out occasional table and soft close drawers.
  • Bailey Unicorn Seville Alde Washroom RadiatorALDE Radiator Heating and Water Heating System - The Alde Hydronic Compact 3020 programmable radiator heating system with combined water heating and washroom panel radiator. The Seville is also fitted with an Alde 3020 boiler providing improved fuel economy.
  • Refrigerator - Dometic 133 litre tower refrigerator with electronic ignition.
  • Branded DAB Radio / CD / MP3 Player - with auxillary input and a USB connection point. Connected to dual cone stereo speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Shower Cubicle - fully lined rectangular shower cubicle with a domestic style door, storage shelf and fitted with the very popular energy saving EcoCamel shower head.
The Bailey Unicorn caravan range has now reached Series 3 and there have been quite a number of changes and improvements.

Unicorn's Improved Caravan Interior - Style And Functionality
The Unicorn's interior look and feel has been enhanced with the introduction of the 'Mendip Ash' furniture finish, giving it a stylish modern apperance, whilst the vertical front skylight and the addition of LED mood lights give the Unicorn series 3 that distinctive interior look. Other interior features that complete the classy feel of the Unicorn interior include soft closing hinges on the locker doors, chrome fixtures and fittings and excellent quality soft furnishing.

All model layouts in the Unicorn Series 3 range have been 'appreciably reconfigured' to quote Bailey themselves. The reasoning has been to make maximum use of the available living space without adding weight.

Bailey Unicorn Series 3 - The Complete Picture

Another aspect of the interior that Bailey have focused on in their redesign and development of the unicorn range is the kitchen - seeking to make it more 'chef friendly'. You can never have too much storage space, especially in a caravan and Bailey have increased the kitchen storage space in the new series 3 range. There is now even more worktop space and a drop-down kitchen worktop extension that will provide extra space if and when you need it.

Finally, the re-designed washroom now features a separate fully lined square shower cubicle giving you more space than models in series 2.
Warmth, Comfort and Economy - Bailey Unicorn Value
If your looking for a caravan range that can offer comfort all year round then the Bailey Unicorn range has to be a serious contender. The Alde central heating system now features a boiler with improved economy plus a digital control panel that is user friendly. Make no mistake, the programmable Alde central heating system gives you greater efficiency and envious fuel economy compared to previous systems.

Further comfort comes from the addition of a washroom radiator and to top it all off there is now a top brand Truma 100 watt solar panel on the caravan roof.

Bailey Unicorn series 3 Caravan Being Towed

Caravan Safety And Security
All models in the Bailey Unicorn Series 3 are supplied with the AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System. This system is continually monitoring for hazardous conditions and is designed to give you maximum control and offer unprecedented levels of safety whilst you are towing your caravan. Whilst we are considering aspects that pertain to towing, the Unicorn's are now supplied with Michelin tyres with anti-tamper WSL safety bolts.

Other safety and security features that will help to give you peace of mind include the AL-KO Secure wheel lock and a Tracker Retrieve Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.
It is estimated that somewhere between 1,600 and 4,000 caravans are stolen in this country each year so it makes sense to protect yours with a caravan tracking unit that uses the latest location technology and has the full support of the UK police force..


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