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Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L New Product Sign

Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L

Kampa LogoPlease note: This is the L model and fits vehicles with a rail height of 250 - 265cm. For vehicles with a rail higher than 265cm choose either the XL or XXL models below.
NEW FOR 2017
Kampa have introduced this new size - the Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L for 2017. The awning material - Weathershield Pro - now has improved coatings and UV protection and there is now a new sealing method that enables the awning to fit snuggly against the motorhome. With a width of 2.60 metres and a depth of 2.50 metres, the Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L provides over 6 square metres of extra room to your motorhome or campervan.

Available Methods Of Attaching This Awning To Your Vehicle
This awning can be only be attached to the your vehicle by the beading method.
  • The Beading Method - The awning is provided with both 4mm and 6mm beading. If the vehicle has an awning rail you can use this along with the beading to attach the awning to the vehicle. Alternatively, the beading can be thread into the channel on the front of a Fiamma or Omnistor wind out awning. The beading can also be clipped to the vehicle gutter using a 'figure of 8' profile ( not supplied ). Kampa also have an optional extra, called a 'driveaway kit' that can be used for this purpose.
Airframe Technology
Kampa AirFrame LogoAs the name suggests, the Motor Rally Air Pro uses airpoles ( also known as airbeams ) instead of steel or fibreglass poles. This is generally considered by many to make setup easier and quicker. Other advantages like the reduction in the weight you have to transport and lug on-site are also making airpole awnings more and more popular. A significant advantage of airpoles for awnings that fit to vehicles is that there are no hard poles to damage your vehicle if they should break in a storm making them particularly attractive to motorhome and campervan owners. Kampa Motorhome awnings also have another advantage - they can be inflated and deflated from a single point as all the poles are linked together - this is not true of all brands.

What does 'Pro' stand for in the product name?
The Rally Pro series uses a more substantial, heavier duty fabric called Weathershield Pro ( updated for 2017 ) which provides excellent weatherproofing and extra durability. If you pitch your awning for longer periods of the year or during times of the year when the weather is likely to require a more robust awning then it would probably make sense to consider the Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro series.

What are the main features of the Motor Rally Air Pro series?
(1) They are quick and easy to setup - the awning can be can be completely set up in four to five minutes approximately and pumps up, using the manual pump supplied, in around sixty seconds (depending on your fitness, determination and competitiveness!). It uses Kampa's patented inflation system. It can be inflated from just one inflation point.
(2) Versatility and usability - the distinctive steep front of the awning gives excellent headroom when compared to many awnings. There are two doors; one on either side of the awning - very useful if there is a prevailing wind from one direction. The front wall panel can be arranged in several ways as the two outer front panels can be rolled to the side or the top part of each outer panel can be dropped down to create what Kampa calls the 'veranda style'.
(3) Other features include Kampa's Upright Poles that keep the rear of the awning close to the side of your motorhome. Crystal clear windows with internal curtains, ventilation in the eaves, Kampa's Accessory Track and a mud flap with eyelets to help keep out draughts.

Awning Options



Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L
Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L Left Hand View of the Motor Rally Air Pro 330 L Detail of the side door - rolled away and tied up. Packing pads fill the gap between the air poles and the caravan to create a tauter roof and help shed water. Rear upright poles are supplied with the awning and help provide a good seal to the vehicle. General interior view of the awning. As well as the crystal clear windows light comes into the awning via the roof skylights shown in this image.
Width: 310cm

Depth: 240 + 90cm

Pack Size: 65 x 34 x 34 cm

Weight: 19kg approx

Fit: Designed to fit vehicles with a height between 250 and 265cm high

Awning Material: 'Feel the Difference' Weathershield™ HD 6000mm polyester - Durable and extremely weather resistant, this material's been protecting caravan and motorhomes since 2008. For 2017 Kampa have improved the coatings to make it even better.

Waterproofing: 6000mm Hydrostatic Head

Inflatable: - utlitising Kampa's unique one point inflation system

Practical: Can be inflated/deflated from one inflation point, all 'AirPoles' are linked together

Design Feature: Upright front wall panels allow for full use of the interior space to compliment the already generous depth

Design Feature: Strong mudwalls to keep out draughts

Front Panels: Roll to the side front panels with veranda feature

Pitching: Quickpitch guying system - stronger and quicker than guylines

Fitting to Vehicle: Can only be fitted to your vehicle via the beading method. 4mm and 6mm beading are supplied.

Awning Material: Weathershield Pro fabric - Kampa's favourite fabric that they use extensively throughout their range. For 2017 they have made improvements to the UV protection and the coating.

Flame retardant and UV stabilised

Water Proof Level: A massive 6000mm Hydrostatic head

Kampa Limpet Ready Logo

Windows: Large crystal clear windows ensure a good view out

Curtains: Internal curtains on easy-slide track for privacy

Door: Large side doors with secondary mesh to keep insects out

Zips: Heavy duty zips - so you won't be let down

Design Feature: Fixings ready to accept Kampa's optional Storm Tie Down system

Storage: Comes supplies with an oversized carry bag - made 50% larger making repacking your awning easier

Included: Complete with rear upright pole set

Included: Complete with Kampa's high volume Downdraught pump

Included: Kampa's AccessoryTrack is fitted

Beading: 4mm and 6mm Keder (beading) fitted

Groundsheet: Full clip-in groundsheet

Limpet System: Not supplied with the awning but the awning is Limpet Ready

SabreLink System: Not supplied with the awning but the awning is SabreLink System ready

Kampa SabreLink Logo Kampa SabreLink Logo

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