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Kampa Travel Pod Maxi Air VW

Kampa-LogoPlease Note: This is the 'VW' model of the Kampa Travel Pod Maxi Air and is suitable for fitting to vehicles that have a rail height of 180‑210cm. If the attachment height of your vehicle is higher than 210cm then you require the 'L' or 'XL' model.
General Description
The Travel Pod Maxi Air has been designed to maximise space on a pitch and it excells in regard to this aspect. With a depth of only 3 metres from your vehicle the side-on design should avoid extra pitch charges. With a depth of 3 metres and a width of 3.05 metres, the Kampa Travel Pod Maxi Air VW provides an overall space of just over 6 square metres. Even more space is provided by the connecting tunnel - very handy for wet gear, dirty walking boots and other similar items. The awning has a side tunnel connection that enables the awning to connect to either left or right hand drive vehicles. The rear tunnel comes with adjusting straps to take up any slack.

Available Methods Of Attaching This Awning To Your Vehicle
The Travel Pod Maxi AIR is freestanding and can be connected to the vehicle in one of four ways.
  • The Pole and Clamp Method - ( Optional Extra ) This method provides the greatest security with regard to the attachment of the awning to the vehicle and is suitable for vehicles that have a gutter running the length of the vehicle. At the rear of the awning is a tunnel that has a sleeve. This sleeve is sewn along the tunnel's length. Into this sleeve you slide a pole. The pole is placed into the vehicle's gutter and secured to the vehicle using the clamps that Kampa supply.
  • The Beading Method - All Kampa Travel Pod awnings have a tunnel to the rear. Sewn in, along the length of this tunnel is 6mm beading. If the vehicle has an awning rail you can use this along with the beading to attach the awning to the vehicle. Alternatively, the beading can be clipped to the vehicle gutter using a 'figure of 8' profile ( not supplied ). Kampa also have an optional extra, called a 'driveaway kit' that can be used for this purpose.
  • The Guyline Method - This is generally considred to be the fastest method - so it can be very handy if you are setting up in undesirable weather conditions or not staying on the pitch for long. Firstly, attached the guylines to the top corners of the rear awning tunnel. Next, throw the guylines over the vehicle. Finally, you can either peg the guylines down or alternatively, secure them to an appropriate part of the vehicle.
  • The Velcro Loops Method - This method is only applicable if your vehicle is fitted with roof rails. If it does, then you can use the velcro straps that are fitted along the top edge of the awning tunnel to attach the awning to your vehicle. You do this by simply fixing the velcro loops around the roof rail.
The awning has large panoramic windows to let the light in and for a great view out - these all have roll away blinds. The awning folds into a compact, oversized carry bag. The large 4 berth inner tent makes the Maxi AIR a great choice for families and groups with the central roll up partition offering privacy between the two pods.

The awning comes complete with a fully waterproof clip-in groundsheet. However, many sites do not allow groundsheets and so the groundsheet can be left out if necessary - an important issue if you intend to use camping sites. There are two versions, to suit different height campers and motorhomes.

With airfarme technology and Kampa's single point inflation system the Kampa Travel Pod Maxi Air VW is quick and easy to set up. A nice feature of the awning is the ability to connect to your vehicle by a variety of methods ( see below for more detailed information ).

Airframe Technology
Kampa AirFrame LogoThe Travel Pod Maxi Air uses an airframe ( also known as airpoles ) to replace conventional metal or fibreglass poles. Because these types of awnings are more lightweight they are generally easier to transport and position on-site than conventional awnings. The awning can be inflated quickly and easily through a single inflation point because all the poles are linked together. Additional advantages include the fact that the airframe is always attached ( no need to find or remember your poles ) and that there is less likelihood of damage to your caravan because only soft materials are fixed against it. All things considered the airframe has become the trusted and most popular choice for today's caravanners. A high volume manual pump is supplied but an optional electic pump is available to make the process of inflating the awning even easier.

Drive-Away Awnings
Drive-Away awnings offer convenience. They avoid the need to set up and take down your awning every time you wish to use your vehicle on the road. The

Kampa Travel Pod Maxi AIR VW

is a free-standing awning that enables you to drive-away and enjoy your day out. Meanwhile, your awning remains completely set-up and is ready to be simply re-attached on your return.

Awning Options

Kampa Travel Pod Maxi Air VW
Kampa Travel Pod Maxi Air VW Right Hand View of the Travel Pod Motion Air VW The Right Hand View of the Travel Pod Motion Air VW showing the fitting to the vehicle. Inner view of the awning. Notice the tunnel at the rear and it's fitting to the vehicle. This internal view of the awning shows the large 4-berth inner tent at the rear with the useful central partition providing handy storage options. This view shows the fitting of the awning tunnel to the vehicle from the inside. An alternative view showing the fitting of the awning tunnel to the vehicle from the inside. This view of the awning's fitting to the vehicle will make most sense when you view the next image showing the awning freestanding. An excellent view of the awning freestanding and an illustration of what is meant by 'Drive-Away Awning'. The left-hand side of the Maxi Air awning is shown completely open.
Width: 310cm

Depth: 240 + 90cm

Pack Size: 65 x 34 x 34 cm

Weight: 19kg approx

Fit: Designed to fit vehicles with a height between 180 and 210cm high

Awning Material: 'Feel the Difference' Weathershield™ HD 6000mm polyester - Durable and extremely weather resistant, this material's been protecting caravan and motorhomes since 2008. For 2017 Kampa have improved the coatings to make it even better.

Waterproofing: 6000mm Hydrostatic Head

Inflatable: external inflation points.

Practical: Freestanding drive-away awning

Fitting to Vehicle: Very versatile. Can be fitted to your vehicle by 4 different methods.

Fitting: Adjustable height side tunnel to suit a wide range of vehicles

Awning Material: 'Feel the difference' Weathershield™ HD heavy duty material - strong but lightweight

Flame retardant and UV stabilised

Water Proof Level: A massive 6000mm Hydrostatic head

Seams: Seams are hot air taped for maximum weatherproofing

Windows: Crystal clear windows with blinds and easy store pockets.

Blinds: Window blinds with easy store pockets

Panels: Roll up front panel

Door: Door in side tunnel.

Door: Large rear door for access to camper through the tunnel.

Groundsheet: Full clip-in groundsheet

Interior: Includes a large 4-berth inner tent with a central partition.

  Kampa SabreLink Logo

Kampa Travel Pod Air Inner Tent Ref:         345201
Kampa Travel Pod Air Inner Tent
Price:   £69.98
A high quality breathable polyester inner tent designed to attach to the inside of your Travel Pod Action Air, Travel Pod Motion Air & Travel Pod Maxi Air Motorhome Awning. Also suitable for previous models such as the Travel Pod Mini Air and Travel Pod Midi Air. Attached via Kampa’s easy colour coded inner tent suspension system the Travel Pod Air Inner Tent offers additional sleeping space for larger families or guests who should happen to drop by.

Use as a bedroom or storage area Suitable for Kampa Travel Pod awnings and frame tents Fully enclosed with sewn in groundsheet Internal storage pocket Complete with fixings and pegs (may require additional fixings depending upon application) Maximum height: 175 cm Floor size: 200 x 135 cm Breathable Polyester Colour coded inner tent suspension
Kampa Travel Pod Connecting Pole & Clamp Set Ref:         040000
Kampa Travel Pod Connecting Pole & Clamp Set
Price:   £34.99
Out of the three methods available, this is the most secure method of fixing your Kampa Travel Pod to your vehicle. The vehicle requires a gutter running the length of the vehicle. The rear tunnel has a sleeve sewn along its length into which the pole slides. The pole then rests in the vehicle's gutter ans is secured using the clamps supplied.
Kampa Gale Pump Ref:         128461
Kampa Gale Pump
Price:   £49.99

Kampa Gale Pump

The Kampa Gale Pump is a 12 volt electric pump that has been designed specifically for the purpose of inflating Kampa’s range of awnings and tent that use their airframe / airpole technology BUT CAN BE USED WITH OTHER BRANDS of awnings, tents and even items like airbeds etc. Simply plug into a 12 volt power source such as the cigarette lighter socket in your car or motorhome, using the extra long cable provided, then set the PSI ( Pounds Per Square Inch ) that you require and let the pump take care of the rest. The pump will inflate up to a max of 15psi and comes with a 1.5m inflation hose as well as a long 12v supply cord with cigarette lighter plug and is approx 15 feet long (5m).

The unit has a digital display along with adjustable pressure settings and will inflate as well as defalte and comes complete with adaptors for airbeds as well as tents and awnings.
    Key Features
  • Automatic cut-out when correct pressure is reached
  • Makes pitching your Kampa Air awning even easier
  • Tough plastic casing with integral carry-handle
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Powered by car 12V socket
  • Digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Increases in 0.5 psi increments
  • Suitable for inflatable awnings, tents and other inflatables

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