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Sterling Windward 460 Used Caravan

This single-axle, 2 berth, 2005, Sterling Windward 460 really would suit a couple with a smaller car for towing. Externally, the caravan is in very good condition with a single minor dink. The interior condition is very good indeed. This caravan comes with a Fiamma Caravanstor 07 fitted. This easy access, pull-out lean-to Fiamma awning provides a handy sun shelter and can be put to other uses ( Note: the Fiamma Caravanstor 07 is supplied as is and is not included in the warranty )

The Front Lounge
We found the seating in the front lounge area to lovely and comfortable to sit on with no sign at all of wear on the fabric. The seating will easily seat a couple plus guests. You can access the storage space beneath the seats by removing the seat cushions and lifting the slatted wood seat frames but an alternative practical method of access is provided by the large front opening doors at the bottom of the seats.

Although the TV station is near to the lounge, the lounge does have it's own TV connection point (at the base of the seats adjacent to the two drawer cabinet ) with both a 12 volt and mains socket. This is linked to a TV signal booster and a Teleco Omni Directional TV aerial. For further entertainment, there is a JVC CD player / radio which is linked to two inset speakers and has a detachable front - it can be removed when you put the caravan into storage.

The Winward 460 front lounge has six overhead lockers, shelving in the two corners, a 2 drawer cabinet and the space beneath the seats. The two draw cabinet has a pull-out occasional table top ( see photographs ).

At night this area can be made into a bedroom area with a double bed ( 6' 10" x 5' 11" ) or alternatively two single beds ( 5'11" x 2'4" and 6'3" x 2'4" ). To make this task easier and more practical, there is an easy bed make-up system to aid this process ( see photograph ). This is an array of wooden slats that glide out from under the seats to provide support for the beds. It is as easy to put away as it is to pull-out.

A good amount of daylight comes into the lounge due to the surrounding windows and the rooflight above. All have flyscreens and blinds and the windows have curtains that are easy to draw. For night-time lighting there are five directional spotlights and each have their own switch ( this is one more than most caravans - the Winward has one at the front - a nice touch by Sterling ). There is also a main ceiling light situated between the kitchen and where it meets the lounge.

The Kitchen
Storage in the kitchen is always an important issue and Sterling have utilised cupboards on both sides of the caravan for this purpose. In all, there are three very good sized overhead lockers, a useful drawer, a cupboard with a cutlery tray and storage space beneath and a cupboard below the cooker ( see photgraphs ).

With a reasonable amount of workspace for a 2 berth caravan, Sterling have sensibly left one end clear for meal preparation. Inset into the worktop are the circular stainless steel sink and the flush fitting hob.

Cooking options are catered for by the Stoves thermostatically controlled oven and grill which are in good condition and a 4 burner hob ( 3 gas and 1 electric hotplate ). For storing perishables there is the Thetford 89-litre fridge with freezer top-box and electronic ignition. This is concealed behind a matching, cloaking door.

Daylight to the kitchen comes via a window behind the sink. There is also a medium sized ceiling fan for the removal of cooking smells and moisture. For nightime lighting there is the main overhead ceiling light and two directional spotlights - the same as those in the front lounge area ( see photographs ).

The WC / Shower Room
The washroom is not huge but nevertheless a very reasonable size. Taking you round, from left to right you first come to the circular shower cubicle which has it's own switchable light. Next we find the Thetford C-200 cassette toilet which has a storage cupboard mounted on the wall above it. Moving further round we come to the washbasin with single mixer tap, shelving and cupboard space beneath. Next to the washbasin is what appears to be a wall mounted mirror but this actually doubles up as a door - behind it are sveral large shelves that are ideal for storing clothing ( see photographs ). Finally, there is a large wardrobe with masses of space and a hanging rail as well.

For daylight to the room there is a single window. A medium sized rooflight provides ventilation. Night-time lighting comes from the ceiling mounted main light.

The TV Station
The TV station is centrally located and can be found immediately to your left as you enter the caravan. The TV connection point at the TV station has power sockets for both 12 volt and mains supply and is of course linked to the TV signal booster. That in turn connects to the Teleco Omni Directional TV aerial. There is plenty of shelving and storage around the TV station for storing your entertainment items such as DVD's leads etc.
Used caravans from PENROSE TOURING come with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.
Sterling Windward 460 - Used Caravan An overall view of the front lounge interior. The easy bed make up system pulls out from under the 2 drawer cabinet. Changing the area into a sleeping area is made much easier with this array of slats. The 2 drawer cabinet that separates the seating has drawers of a good depth. The occasional table that provides a convenient place for newspapers, cups of tea and coffee and is easy to put away when finished with. A view to show you the depth of the overhead lockers in thr front lounge area. The kitchen worktop - size and finish. Detailed view of the stainless sink with mixer tap set into the kitchen worktop. The four burner hob - 3 gas and 1 electric hotplate. The fridge has a cloaking door - that is to say it has a door that matches the rest of the cupbaords. It is a Thetford fridge with an 89 litre capacity. Below the worktop this cupboard has a cutlery draw and further storage beneath that. The Stoves oven and grill are in good condition. Below the oven is a useful cupboard storage space. A view showing the front lounge seating, the TV station area and the entrance. This view shows the circular shower cubicle and the Thetford cassette toilet with independent tank and manual flush. Another view of the washroom to give a sense of the position and space around the main items. The large double wardrode with hanging rail is located in the washroom. Access to the wardrobe shelving is via a vanty mirror door - this will make more sense if you view the next photograph. The vanity mirror is also a door - behind it is shelving. Sterling Windward 460 - Layout
Interior View
Plan / Layout Of The Caravan
Sterling Windward 460 Used Caravan
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12 Months

Warranty Included In The Price
Unless otherwise stated, the Penrose Touring price includes 12 months warranty provided by MB&G Insurance. At the time of purchase you are provided with a booklet produced by MB&G Insurance. The booklet explains what the warranty does and does not cover, what additional benefits you may be entitled to, the insurance conditions and how to make a claim under the warranty. The booklet also includes a claim form for your convenience.

MB&G - Who Are They?
MB&G Caravan Insurers National Caravan Council MembershipMB&G Caravan Insurers Retail Motor Industry Federation MembershipMB&G Caravan Insurers Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders MembershipMB&G Insurance are one of the few remainining privately owned warranty providers and have been in business since 1978. They are members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders and the National Caravan Council and have staff who specifically deal with caravan warranty. To quote MB&G themselves

Dealing with a Caravan warranty claim can be a very complex situation, which is why you’ll be glad of our knowledge and expertise. We understand the difficulties and can point out the potential pitfalls, and we also work with the manufacturers too. We can even cover that old devil, water ingress – a common problem that doesn’t always have a common solution – for up to seven years. Put simply, you can rely on us whatever the weather.

How Does It Work?
MB&G Caravan Insurers - Agreement BrochureThe warranty contract will be between yourselves and MB&G Insurance. If you need to make a warranty claim then you contact MB&G Insurance direct. We have collected a couple of quotes from people who have made warranty claims with MB&G Insurance which we feel will be helpful.

Quote 1

Hi Dick
I had a 36 months gold package with them and made a claim for a repair in France.
They paid 80% of the bill which was over 1100 euro.
In my book that was good value
Quote 2
Hi Glandwr.
I have had very good experiences with this company 3 years ago. Firstly,the power steering rack failed.One phone call to MB&G. I was asked where I would like to have it done,which was our local garage in Gretna.They then contacted the gararage.All I had to do was to sit and wait a few days until it was done.Brilliant!

Next was the kitchen tap which went in France--quick phone call to MB&G--kept receipt and was re-imbursed within 4 days of being back home. The integral bike rack hinges failed. It was repaired by Peter Hambilton,who did a brilliant job. Again,just a quick phone call to MB&G,and everything was sorted. I would only hope they are still as good now as they were then. I couldn't fault them. The warranty was in with the price of the van,so I can't say how much it cost but as the van was 10 yrs old I wanted some form of assurance for that 1st year. Incidentally,it's needed nothing since, other than basic service items. You can only speak as you find,but for me they were vey good.

What Else Should I Know?
The type/level of warranty applicable is dependent on the age of the caravan. The information provided here is not exhaustive; it is not possible to state what is included and what is specifically excluded by the warranty cover you will receive. If you require this information then you need to check your policy or request the information before purchasing the caravan.

Berth: 2
Year: 2005
Shipping Length: 6.35 (20' 10")
Overall Width: 2.23m (7' 4")
Maximum Weight: 1269g
Unladen weight: 1076kg
Bed Size - Front Double:
6' 10" x 5' 11"
Bed Size - Singles Front:
5' 11" x 2' 4" and 6'3" x 2'4"
  • AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser - stabilisers reduce rolling and pitching whilst you are towing and significantly improve the smoothness of a journey. They give the driver greater confidence and control.
  • TV Signal - fitted with a Teleco Omni Directional TV aerial
  • Blown Air Heating - Dual fuel 3kw gas and 2kw electric space heater complete with ducted blown air heating helps distribute warmth evenly through the caravan.
  • Water Heater - Dual fuel gas and mains 800w electric storage water heater
  • Refrigerator - Thetford 89-litre fridge with freezer top-box and electronic ignition. Concealed behind a cloaking door.
  • Cooking - Stoves flush fitting thermostatically controlled oven and grill.
  • Cassette Toilet - Thetford cassette toilet with independent tank and manual flush.
  • Blinds - adding that extra privacy factor.
  • Double Glazing - for extra comfort in those colder periods.
  • Fly Screens - helps keep out those unwanted insects.


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