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Vision Plus Status 330 Omni-Directional Antenna

magnifying glass Vision Plus Status 330 TV Aerial Digital Amplifier VP2
Vision Plus Status 330 Omni-Directional Antenna
Ref:         status-330-5m
Price:   £94.94


Vision Plus Status 330 Omni-Directional Antenna with 5 metres of coax cable and VP2 Amplifier for Digital TV

An omni-directional aerial / antenna that receives TV signals through 360 degrees using an electronic amplifier to boost signals.

Designed for mobile use, the Vision Plus STATUS 330 TV aerial satisfies a number of important criteria, whilst overcoming some of the compromises associated with this design of antenna.

In the UK and a number of overseas countries TV signals are transmitted horizontally and vertically. Vertical reception requires a vertical receiver. The 330 achieves this with the Central Pinnacle. A clever solution which creates a distinctive profile setting it apart from the rest.

TV reception can be greatly affected by the orientation of the antenna and it is crucial that all antennas are mounted level. Therefore the 330 has the ability to be finely adjusted to remain level on gradients up to 22 degrees - a unique feature only offered by STATUS.

The 330 is available in two models depending on your particular installation. Both are designed to be versatile, offering three fitting options as standard - Permanent Fitting - 25mm Mast Fitting and Suction Pad Fitting. The Permanent option can even be mounted over a small locker, as well as a wardrobe. The 2705/5/VP2 has 5 metres of coaxial cable and the 2075/10/VP2 has 10 metres.

For ease of use the Pinnacle can be simply unscrewed in those instances where storage height is a problem. Furthermore, the antenna itself can be removed leaving in place the Mounting Foot, which can be sealed with a blanking cap.

The 330 has a proven track record of being the countries most popular Omni-Directional Antenna. By combining the latest in technology and design we believe we manufacture the best all round Omni-Directional antenna on the market today.

And finally - Operation - it couldn't be simpler. Simply switch on your television and tune in.
Status Aerials from Vision Plus
The Status Aerial range from Vision Plus for both caravans and motorhomes includes both directional aerials and omni-directional aerials. But how do you choose which one suits your needs the most and what are the differences between them?

Omni-Directional Aerials
These types of aerials ( antennas ) are designed to avoid the need to find out what direction your TV or radio signal is coming from. As the name suggests, they do this by 'gathering' in the signal from every horizontal direction - a full 360 degrees. Because of this you should notice that omni-directional aerials do not come with a signal finder. However, Vision Plus who produce the Status Aerial range do include a signal amplifier to help with the quality of your TV picture and sound quality with their omni-directional aerials. Whilst these types of aerials are highly practical - especially for caravanners and people on the move who do not want to spend time finding the best signal direction for every site they visit - if you want absolute quality of signal then you should consider a directional aerial instead. As usual, there is no absolute right or wrong - it depends on your priorities.

Directional Aerials
As mentioned above, if your priority is the picture and sound quality then few would argue against our advice that a directional aerial or antenna is the one for you. This is because the aerial needs to be pointed in the correct direction. Having said that, you will now want to find out where the best and strongest signal is coming from and that is why the Vision Plus Status aerial systems have a signal detector for directional aerials included. These make the process a breeze especially compared to the days of trial and error. Switch it on, rotate the aerial till you get the green light and you're ready to go.

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