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Vision Plus VP3 Digital TV Amplifier

Magnifying Glass VP3 Digital TV Amplifier Digital TV Amplifier On / Off Switch
Vision Plus VP3 Digital TV Amplifier
Ref:         170597
Price:   £22.94


Vision Plus VP3 Digital TV Amplifier

The Vision Plus VP3 Digital TV Amplifier is designed to enhance the performance of all non-amplified directional TV antennas. There is also a non-amplified outlet for FM Radio reception when used in conjunction with a UHF/FM antenna.

This effective amplifier with high gain and low noise functionality will guarantee performance especially in inferior reception locations.

  • On/Off switch
  • Variable gain control
  • 3 TV outputs
  • 1 FM Radio output
  • Frequency Range UHF 470-860 Mhz
  • Frequency Range VHF 40-230 Mhz
  • Frequency Range FM 88-108 Mhz
  • Amplifier Gain Max 18db
  • Gain Adjustment 15db
  • Flatness +1.5db
  • Noise Figure 2db
  • Output Impedance 75ohms
  • Signal Handling 80dbuv
  • Power Supply 10.8-28v DC
  • Power Consumption 55ma
  • Dimensions 157w x 46h x 28d (mm)
What Is Supplied:
  • Vision Plus VP3 TV & Radio Amplifier
  • A lead with plug for connecting the power supply (Please note: a power supply unit is not provided)
  • Two coax to 'F' screw adaptors / convertors
  • Two fixing screws
Vision Plus VP3 Digital TV Amplifier TV Amplifier Diagram
Positioning and Fixing
In order to boost / amplify the signal that your television receives it is necessary to fit the VP3 amplifier between your aerial / antenna and the television itself. This means that the lead coming from your aerial must first go into the amplifier using the port / socket marked 'ANT IN'. You will then take a 'flylead' from any one of the sockets marked TV1 or TV2 to the television. If you have a standard coax flylead you can use the adapters provided with the VP3 to enable the connection.

If you so desire, the VP3 can be fixed to the inside of a cupboard using the units fixing points and the fixing screws provided - but this is not absolutely necessary, it can be left to sit freely if you wish. If you do fix it, remember there is an on /off switch on the unit that you may want to have access to.

Power Source
TV Amplifier On / Off SwitchThe amplifier requires a 12-24 volt power supply and can be wired directly to the battery. However, you should note that if are planning to wire directly to the battery then an in-line fuse ( 5amp max ) must be fitted on the positive wire. Alternatively, you can use a 12v DC Mains Adapter ( not supplied - Vision Plus advise that you use their 12v DC Mains Adapter )

Brief Operating Instructions for the Vision Plus VP3
These are not comprehensive instructions but a guide to give you a good idea of how the VP3 operates. If you have a seperate signal finder then use that to find the best direction for your aerial firts. When you switch on the VP3 the LED light on the top will light up. Having positioned your aerial you can now use the gain control to boost your signal and enjoy your television.

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