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Vision Plus VP4 Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder

Vision Plus VP4 Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder VP4 accessories VP4 On / Off switch
Vision Plus VP4 Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder
Ref:         170599
Price:   £24.95


Vision Plus VP4 Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder

The Vision Plus VP4 Digital TV Amplifier is designed to enhance the performance of all non-amplified directional TV antennas.

This distinctive item also includes a dedicated Signal Finder which will make it easy for a person to track the most powerful, obtainable digital TV transmission. This effective amplifier with high gain and low noise functionality will guarantee performance especially in inferior reception locations.

  • On/Off switch
  • Variable gain control
  • 2 TV outputs
  • Frequency Range UHF 470-860 Mhz
  • Amplifier Gain Max 18db
  • Gain Adjustment 15db
  • Flatness +1.5db
  • Noise Figure 2.8db
  • Output Impedance 75ohms
  • Signal Handling 80dbuv#
  • Power Supply 10.8-28v DC
  • Power Consumption 85ma
  • Dimensions 115wx46hx28d (mm)
What Is Supplied: ( see photograph )
  • Vision Plus VP4 TV & Radio Amplifier with Signal Finder Unit
  • A lead with plug for connecting the power supply (Please note: a power supply unit is not provided)
  • Two coax to 'F' screw adaptors / convertors
  • Two fixing screws
Vision Plus VP4 Digital TV Amplifier & Signal Finder TV Amplifier Diagram
Positioning and Fixing
In order to boost / amplify the signal that your television receives it is necessary to fit the VP4 amplifier between your aerial / antenna and the television itself. This means that the lead coming from your aerial must first go into the amplifier using the port / socket marked 'ANT IN'. You will then take a 'flylead' from any one of the sockets marked TV1, TV2 or TV3 to the television. If you have a standard coax flylead you can use the adapters provided with the VP4 to enable the connection.

If you so desire, the VP4 can be fixed to the inside of a cupboard using the units fixing points and the fixing screws provided - but this is not absolutely necessary, it can be left to sit freely if you wish. If you do fix it, remember there is an on /off switch on the unit that you may want to have access to.

Power Source
The amplifier requires a 12-24 volt power supply and can be wired directly to the battery. However, you should note that if are planning to wire directly to the battery then an in-line fuse ( 5amp max ) must be fitted on the positive wire. Alternatively, you can use a 12v DC Mains Adapter ( not supplied - Vision Plus advise that you use their 12v DC Mains Adapter ) TV Amplifier On / Off Switch

Brief Operating Instructions for the Vision Plus VP4
These are not comprehensive instructions but a guide to give you a good idea of how the VP4 operates. When you switch on the VP4 the LED light on the top will light up. It is now a matter of rotating / moving the aerial whilst watching the signal indicator to find the direction of the best signal from the transmitter.

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