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Bailey Pursuit 570-6

Berth:  6
Range:  Pursuit
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This caravan is available to view on our forecourt


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  • Bailey Pursuit 570-6 2017 Ex-Display Caravan ( £17,564 inc delivery cost )
  • Start-Up Kit including security package ( £437 )
  • Full Awning including an awning carpet ( £1,302 )


· Fixed Diner · Single Axle · Alu‑Tech Bodyshell · AL‑KO Stabiliser

Picture Gallery

Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Series 2 - Exterior Alternative Exterior View General view of the front lounge Close up of the directional spotlights in the front lounge. The easy bed make up system The slide-out occasional table View showing the available space beneath the front lounge seats. Detailed view of the Thetford hob and stainless steel sink. The worktop extension flap provides extra worktop space when needed. The microwave adds an extra cooking option to the oven and hob. The fixed dining area to the rear of the caravan. A closer view of the seating in the fixed dining area to the rear of the caravan. A view of the storage space under the seats in the dining area. WC / Shower room - The Thetford C-260 cassette toilet and the washbasin. WC / Shower room - The washbasin and shower cubicle. Entrance door flyscreen

Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Logo

Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Ex-Display Caravan


This is an opportunity to purchase what is virtually a new caravan at a highly discounted price. This caravan will be sold on a first come - first serve basis. The caravan has been displayed on our forecourts and will carry a full manufacturers warranty.

The Front Lounge

  • General view of the Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Front LoungeSeating - The two seats are of different length; one measures 1.62 metres whilst the other is 1.42 metres. These lengths are the effective available seating area - the seats are actually a bit longer than this.
  • Night-Time Lighting - the lounge has 2 directional spotlights each with their own switch. This means that you can select which ones to have on or off. In addition to these there are some small fixed spotlights set into the ceiling to add general light to the area.
  • Daylight - the combination of surrounding windows, skylight and the rooflight above, provide lots of daylight into the front lounge giving it a very pleasant and rewarding feel.
  • Storage - The lounge has 3, white fronted, double width overhead lockers. Further storage is provided by the 2 drawers at the front between the seats. There is of course storage beneath the seats as well. This can only be accessed by removing the seat cushions and lifting the slatted wood frame giving full access.
  • Using As A Sleeping Area - The front lounge has an Easy Bed Make-Up System. This is an array of wooden slats that pulls out and runs on a glide-track set into the front of the seats. It makes the process of changing the lounge into a sleeping area easier and less tiresome. To cut out light, all rooflights and windows have integral pleated blinds. You can either make the area into a double bed; 6' 8" x 4' 10" or two single beds; 1 @ 5' 10" x 2' 3" and 1 @ 5' 1" x 2' 3"
  • Entertainment - There is a branded Radio / CD player / MP3 player with iPod / MP3 connection point. The radio is connected to two stereo speakers for entertainment and your enjoyment.
  • Other - The front lounge has an integrated sill at the very front that runs the full width of the caravan. Into this is set a TV connection point that has both 12 volt and mains power sockets. An occasional table pulls out from the top of the integrated drawer cabinet.

The Kitchen

  • The Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Kitchen OverviewStorage - The kitchen has 3 single overhead storage cupboards, a cupboard beneath the oven and a cutlery drawer.
  • Daylight - the wide window behind the hob and worktop provides daylight into the kitchen area.
  • Night-Time Lighting - there are 2 fixed spotlights that are infront of the top overhead cupboards.
  • Cooking - The kitchen is fitted with a Thetford Triplex combination oven and grill. There is also Daewoo, stainless steel 800 watt microwave.
  • Hob - A Thetford hob with 3 gas burners.
  • Refrigerator - The kitchen comes with a Dometic 103 litre refrigerator with electronic ignition.
  • Sink - recessed stainless steel kitchen sink with single mixer tap.
  • Worktop - there is a worktop extension flap that provides additional worktop space when needed.

The Washroom / Shower Room

Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Washbasin

The washroom is central to the caravan and can therefore be accessed by both the front and rear of the caravan without having to go through other people's space - this means there is less chance of disturbing others when they are asleep. A very handy layout feature for a family caravan.

  • Storage - there is a cupboard beneath the washbasin along with a couple of shelves that are suitable for the storage of toiletries, shower gels and similar items.
  • Daylight - there is a single window to give daylight and some extra daylight comes via the roof vent in the shower cubicle.
  • Night-Time Lighting - there are 3 fixed spotlights provided for night-time lighting
  • Shower Cubicle - The shower cubicle measures 79 x 67 centimetres approximately. It also has a roof vent; this helps reduce the build-up of condensation in the washroom as well as providing a small amount of natural daylight. The shower is fitted with the popular EcoCamel shower head.
  • Other - There is a wall mounted mirror behind the washbasin.

The Rear Dining Area / Bunk Beds

Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Dining AreaAs well as providing a convenient space for meal-times, this area is ideal for playing board games and the like; it of course, also serves as a sleeping area.

  • Storage - a combination of overhead storage cupboards and a tall cupboard beside the seats gives handy storage space. In addition to this there is storage space under the bottom bunk bed and storage space under the two seats.
  • Daylight - there are no less than 3 windows and a rooflight to give plenty of daylight into this area. The rooflight also provides a means of controlling airflow.
  • Night-Time Lighting - there are 2 fixed spotlights set into the ceiling for night-time lighting.
  • Seats - the two seats have different widths; one is 64cm wide, whilst the other is 95 centimetres wide approximately. As previously mentioned, the space under the seats can be utilised for storage.
  • Using As A Sleeping Area - The two fixed bunk bed sizes are; 1 @ 5' 4" x 2' 0" and 1 @ 5' 10" x 2' 3". Converting the seating area to a bed gives a bed size of 5' 11" x 2' 3"

Caravan Features

  • Bailey Pursuit Series 2 RooflightOpening Sunroof - The sunroof not only provides an extra source of daylight to the front lounge area, but on hot summer days it is a superb way of providing ventilation so that you can relax and enjoy your caravan in comfort. The sunroof comes with a night blind.
  • AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser - stabilisers reduce rolling and pitching whilst you are towing and significantly improve the smoothness of a journey. They give the driver greater confidence and control.
  • AL-KO Chasis - The Pursuit 400-2 has an AL-KO one piece galvanised steel chasis, braking system and running gear.
  • Bailey Pursuit Series 2 Worktop ExtensionKitchen Worktop Extension - the worktop extension flap is so useful when preparing meals giving extra food preparation space. But when not needed it can be easily folded out of the way.
  • Under Bed Storage - typically an excellent place for storing large items such as awnings.
  • Alu-Tech Bodyshell - supplied with a 6 year transferable bodyshell integrity warranty and a 3 year transferable manufacturers components warranty, the Alu-Tech bodyshell is a patented aluminium external framework that clamps the bodyshell panels together. As a result there are fewer external joints making the shell more weatherproof. Thicker panels provide significantly better insulation keeping you warm in the cold and cooler in the summer.
  • 14 inch Alloy Wheels - 14 inch TUV tested alloy wheels.
  • Bailey Pursuit Series 2 Under Bed StorageCassette Toilet - Thetford C-260 cassette toilet with integrated header tank.
  • Refrigerator - Dometic 103 litre refrigerator with electronic ignition.
  • Branded DAB Radio / CD / MP3 Player - with iPod, MP3 player connection point. Connected to dual cone stereo speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Signal Reception - Fitted with Vision Plus Status 570 telescopic directional digital television aerial.
  • Oven & Grill - Fitted with a Thetford Triplex combination oven and grill.
  • Hob - Fitted with a Thetford 3 gas burner hob.
  • Microwave - Fitted with a stainless steel 800 watt microwave oven.

Bailey Pursuit 570-6 Specifications LogoCaravan Specifications

  • Berth: 6
  • Year: 2017
  • Shipping Length: 7.40m (24' 3") 
  • Overall Width: 2.236m (7' 4") 
  • MTPLM: 1446 kg  ( 28.5 cwt )
  • MRO: 1272 kg ( 25.1 cwt )
  • Bed Size - Front Double: 4' 10" x 6' 8" 
  • Bed Size - Front N/S Single: 2' 3" x 5' 10" 
  • Bed Size - Front O/S Single: 2' 3" x 5' 1" 
  • Bed Size - O/S Rear Bunks: 2' 3" x 5' 10" 

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