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Bailey Unicorn Cartagena

Brand:  Bailey
Berth:  4
Range:  Unicorn
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This caravan is currently not available to view on our forecourt


( No Longer Available )

· Fixed Double Transversed Bed · Twin Axle · Tracker System · Truma Solar Panel · ATC Trailer Control · AL‑KO Stabiliser

Picture Gallery

Bailey Unicorn Cartagena ExteriorCartagena Front Lounge Interiorshowing the modern look and feel of the Unicorn range. The overhead cupboard has one large soft closing door with two internal compartments.Interior view of the top overhead cupboards. The cupboard shown shows the TV signal booster and the telescopic aerial.The convenient pull-out occasional table - part of the two drawer cabinet.The Bailey Easy Bed Make-Up System. Pulls out from under the two drawer cabinet along guide rails set on the seats.The spotlights in the front lounge have a high debree of directional control. They are individually switch and they have USB connection points.A general overview of the Cartagena Kitchen.This view shows both the worktop extension flap in it's 'up' position and at the back of the photograph the matching hob lid cover.Detail view of the stainless steel sink with the swan-neck mixer tap. A washing-up bowl, drainer and chopping board are also supplied.Detail view of the Thetford dual fuel hob with electric hotplate and 3 gas burners.The large 190 litre fridge and freezer is on the opposite side of the caravan to the main kitchen area.A general view of the Unicorn Cartagena looking back from the front lounge area past the kitchen into the bedroom.A view of the Cartagena bedroom area ( from the kitchen ) with it's fixed transverse double island bed.Truma 100 watt solar panelOpening Vertical SkylightUSB connection points are distributed throughout the caravanGeneric Image of Unicorn Series 4 Sink & Hob.2 Drawer ChestCeiling Pull DownBailey Unicorn Cartagena - DAB RadioBailey Unicorn Cartagena - FridgeBailey Unicorn Cartagena - Overhead LockersBailey Unicorn Cartagena Daytime LayoutBailey Unicorn Cartagena Night-Time Layout

Bailey Unicorn Cabrera LogoCaravan Description - A Walk Through


The twin axle, 4 berth, Bailey Unicorn Cartagena shares the same overall length with the Barcelona, the Pamplona and the Segovia ( all are twin axle models ). If the bedroom is of high importance to you then it is worth comparing the Cartagena with the Pamplona as both models offer double island bed layouts; but a significant difference between them is the washroom position in the caravan. All have very similar, though not identical front lounge and kitchen layouts. 

The Front Lounge 

  • Bailey Unicorn Cartagena Front LoungeSeating - each seat measures 1.91 metres in length before cushions are put in place, giving ample seating for a four berth caravan. The seats have angled backrests and there are seat ventilation boards to enhanced the heating efficiency.
  • Night-Time Lighting - there are 4 directional spotlights, each with their own switch. This means that you can select which ones to have on or off. The two lights at the very front of the lounge also have USB sockets which can be used to charge your USB device ( see photgraphs ). In addition to these there are also two fixed spotlights in the ceiling near the rooflight.
  • Daylight - daylight into the front lounge is provided by a combination of the surrounding windows, the large front vertical panoramic skylight window and the rooflight above.
  • Storage - The storage space beneath the seats can be accessed by removing the seat cushions and lifting the slatted wood frame ( this gives full access ) or via the small doors that are in either the front or side of the seat bases - however the latter only gives partial access. The two large white, gloss fronted overhead cupboards ( one each side ) have soft closing doors and inside are devided into two sections ( see photographs ). In addition to these there are the smaller side opening, white fronted cupboards in the corners. One of these houses the CD player. Finally, there is the the two drawer cabinet between the seats. This also has a handy occasional table that pulls out and pushes back easily.
  • Using As A Sleeping Area - The front lounge has Bailey's Easy Bed Make-Up System. This is an array of wooden slats that pulls out from under the two drawer cabinet on a glide-track ( see photgraphs ). It makes the process of changing the lounge into a sleeping area easier and less tiresome. To cut out light, all rooflights and windows have integral pleated blinds. You can either make the area into a double bed; 6' 4" x 4' 9" or two singles; 6' 3" x 2' 3"

The Kitchen

  • Bailey Unicorn Cartagena KitchenStorage - Below the worktop and to the left of the kitchen are what look like, three large drawers with white fronts. Infact, the top two are deep drawers and the bottom section is a bottom hinged door ( see photograph ). The large white, gloss fronted overhead cupboard has a soft closing door and inside is devided into left and right sections. To the right of the cooker is a tall thin cupboard and there is also a useful one beneath the cooker ideal for storing baking trays etc. Above the fridge on the opposite side of the caravan is another good sized storage cupboard.
  • Worktop - Bailey have fitted a worktop extension flap to provide more worktop space when needed; typically when preparing meals. In addition to this there is a hinged cover that comes down over the hob area. This matches the worktop and fits flush with it ( see photographs ).
  • Daylight - the wide window behind the sink gives daylight onto the worktop and is fitted with a Remi splash proof blind. There is also a rooflight above giving natural daylight into the kitchen area.
  • Cooker - Thetford Caprice combined oven, grill and hob with electronic ignition and flame failure device.
  • Hob - Thetford dual fuel hob with electric hotplate and 3 gas burners.
  • Refrigerator - Dometic 190 litre tower refrigerator and freezer with electronic ignition. Note: the fridge is situated on the opposite side of the caravan.
  • Microwave - Daewoo stainless steel 800 watt microwave oven positioned above the hob.
  • Sink - a stainless steel kitchen sink is inset into the worktop. There is a swan neck mixer tap to supply hot and cold water. A washing-up bowl, drainer and chopping board are also supplied.

The Bedroom 

The bedroom has a transverse ( meaning the bed projects out from a sidewall across the width of the caravan ), double island bed ( 6' 1" x 4' 7" ). It has a highly symetrical design, so that the left hand side and the right hand side mirror each other - this applies to light positions, storage units above and to the units either side of the bed. The bedroom has it's own TV connection point with both 12 volt and mains power sockets. 

  • Bailey Unicorn Cartagena BedroomNight-Time Lighting - there are 2 directional spotlights, one for each side of the bed. Each have their own switch and a handy USB connection that can be used to power or charge your mobile phones, tablets and other USB devices.
  • Daylight - there is a good width, wide window directly opposite the double bed and balancing this light out is a rooflight above.
  • Storage - The storage space beneath the bed is accessed by removing the mattress and lifting the slatted wood frame. Over the bed are two very good sized cupboards. Each side of the bed has it's own wardrobe style cupboard with clothes hanging rail, a drawer beneath that and a further storage unit beneath that. Finally, in the corner of the bedroom is even more storage with a cupboard that has three shelves and a large open cupboard beneath.

The WC / Shower Room

Unlike the Pamplona, which has a central washroom, the Cartagena has the washroom right at the rear of the caravan making it more of an en-suite for the bedroom. 

  • Storage - Behind the cassette toilet is a cupboard of narrow depth, suitable for storing toiletries etc.
  • Shower Cubicle - the shower cubicle is fully lined and measures 79cm x 67cm. It is finished in a very smart, modern and practical grey coloured lining. There is a fixed light inside the shower cubicle. The shower is fitted with the popular EcoCamel shower head. The cubicle has a bi-fold door to seperate it from the rest of the washroom and there is a roof vent to reduce condensation.
  • Toilet - The Bailey Unicorn Cartagena has a Thetford C-260 cassette toilet with remote header tank.
  • WashBasin - the washbasin has a single mixer tap for hot and cold water. Behind it is a large wall mounted mirror that has a narrow shelf running it's entire width. Beneath the washbasin is a cupboard with a linen basket inside. To the left, small shelves are provided for toiletries.

Caravan Features

  • Unicorn Series 4 Opening Vertical SkylightOpening Vertical Skylight - A distinctive feature of the Bailey Unicorn Series, the vertical front skylight provides lots of daylight into the front lounge area. It can be opened to provide ventilation and has an integral two part pleated flyscreen and a night blind as well.
  • AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System - an anti-snaking system for caravans. ATC monitors for instability, making every journey you take safer and more controlled.
  • AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser - stabilisers reduce rolling and pitching whilst you are towing and significantly improve the smoothness of a journey. They give the driver greater confidence and control.
  • AL-KO Chasis - The Unicorn Cartagena has an AL-KO one piece galvanised steel chasis, braking system and running gear.
  • Unicorn Series 4 Truma Solar PanelTruma Solar Panel - a 100 watt solar panel mounted on the roof helps provide energy by charging up your battery for free. Keeps your leisure battery charged without any effort and doesn't rely on your memory!
  • Alu-Tech Bodyshell - supplied with a 6 year transferable bodyshell integrity warranty and a 3 year transferable manufacturers components warranty, the Alu-Tech bodyshell is a patented aluminium external framework that clamps the bodyshell panels together. As a result there are fewer external joints making the shell more weatherproof. Thicker panels provide significantly better insulation keeping you warm in the cold and cooler in the summer.
  • Tracker System - A NEW Tracker Thatcham Cat 7 approved Stolen Vehicle Recovery System ( including the first 3 months subscription fee ).
  • 14 inch Alloy Wheels - NEW design 14 inch TUV tested alloy wheels.
  • Cassette Toilet - NEW exclusive Thetford C-260 cassette toilet with remote header tank.
  • ALDE Radiator Heating and Water Heating System - The Alde Hydronic Compact 3020 programmable radiator heating system with combined water heating and washroom panel radiator. The Cabrera is also fitted with an Alde 3020 boiler providing improved fuel economy.
  • Refrigerator - Dometic 133 litre tower refrigerator with electronic ignition.
  • Branded DAB Radio / CD / MP3 Player - with USB connection point & bluetooth capability. Connected to dual cone stereo speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Unicorn Series 4 Shower CubicleShower Cubicle - fully lined rectangular shower cubicle with bi-folding door, storage shelf and fitted with the very popular energy saving EcoCamel shower head.
  • Signal Reception - Fitted with Vision Plus Status 570 telescopic directional digital television aerial.
  • USB Sockets - the quantity is model specific - but the Unicorn Series 4 caravans are fitted with upto eight USB sockets.
  • Oven & Grill - Fitted with a Thetford Caprice combined oven, grill and hob with electronic ignition and flame failure device.
  • Hob - Fitted with a Thetford dual fuel hob with electronic hotplate and 3 gas burners.
  • Microwave - Fitted with a stainless steel 800 watt microwave oven.

Bailey Unicorn Cartagena Specifications LogoCaravan Specifications

  • Berth:
  • Axle Type: Twin 
  • Year: 2018 
  • Shipping Length: 7.908 (25' 11") 
  • Overall Width: 2.28m (7' 6") 
  • Overall Height: 2.61m (8' 7") 
  • MTPLM: 1682 kg (33.1 cwt) 
  • Unladen Weight: 1522 kg (29.9 cwt) Bed Size - Front Double: 6' 4" x 4' 9" 
  • Bed Size - Front N/S Single: 6' 3" x 2' 3" 
  • Bed Size - Front O/S Single: 6' 3" x 2' 3" 
  • Bed Size - Rear Fixed Double: 6' 1" x 4' 7"

Bailey Unicorn Cartagena Series 4 - 360 Degree Tour