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Buccaneer Clipper Used Caravan

Brand:  Buccaneer
Berth:  4



This caravan is available to view on our forecourt
4 Berth · Twin Axle · Twin Single Beds · Rear Washroom · 2012

Picture Gallery

Buccaneer Clipper - Used Caravan Side view of the caravan showing the 'stable door' facility. A general view of the caravan's front lounge. The handy storage space under the seats can be accessed two ways. There are two of these lights in the front lounge. One either side. The diffusers reduces glare and provide practical lighting The direction spotlights that are individually switched. A general overview of the caravan's kitchen area. This pull-out tray / drawer provides extra worktop space when required. Cupboard under the worktop with wired baskets for organised storage. Internal view of the grill and oven unit. The Thetford hob unit - 3 gas burners plus an electric hotplate. A general view looking through the caravan from the lounge, passed the kitchen and into the bedroom area. View showing the interior of the caravan's fridge with freezer top box. The microwave adds an additional cooking option to the hob, grill and oven. One side of the bedroom showing a single bed with overhead lockers. The bedroom has it's own TV connection point with this slide-out / slide-in bracket holder. The cassette toilet and wash basin in the rear washroom. Alternative view of the cassette toilet and wash basin in the rear washroom. Buccaneer Clipper - Layout

Buccaneer Clipper 2012 - Used Caravan


This 4 berth caravan has a roomy washroom to the rear and a fixed dinette for meal-times. The AL-KO AKS 3004 stabiliser helps provide a somewhat more assured towing experience. Internally and externally the caravan is in good condition and has some nice features such as an external 230v socket. We describe the interior in detail below.

The Front Lounge

  • General View of the Clipper's Front LoungeSeating - each seat measures 1.1 metres. This is the actual available seating length - before cushions are put in place and from the end of the seat up to the drawer cabinet. Seating is still comfortable and firm.
  • Night-Time Lighting - the lounge has 4 directional spotlights each with their own switch. This means that you can select which ones to have on or off. In addition to these there are two lights with shades / diffusers ( see photographs ).
  • Daylight - daylight into the front lounge is provided by the surrounding side and front windows with a good amount from the rooflight.
  • Storage - The lounge has 6 overhead lockers. In addition to these there are 4 drawers in the cabinet between the seats and storage beneath the seats. This can be accessed in two different ways; by using the handy front facing doors but these only give partial access or by removing the seat cushions and lifting the slatted wood frame ( this gives full access ).
  • Using As A Sleeping Area - The front lounge has an Easy Bed Make-Up System. This is an array of wooden slats that pulls out and runs on a glide-track. It makes the process of changing the lounge into a sleeping area easier and less tiresome. To cut out light, all rooflights and windows have integral pleated blinds. You can make the area into a double bed; 6' 10" x 5' 7"
  • Other - There is a JVC KDR233 Radio / CD player with two stereo speakers for entertainment and your enjoyment. It is located in one of the overhead lockers. Both the TV connection point and the radio are connected to a signal booster.  The top of the drawer cabinet provides a handy pull-out occasional table.

Clipper's Kitchen OverviewThe Kitchen

  • Storage - The kitchen has 2 good sized overhead storage cupboards, 2 drawers, a good sized cupboard beneath the drawers and a useful cupboard beneath the oven. There is also a cupboard beneath the worktop that contains strong metal baskets ( see photographs ) and a bottle cabinet with 'smoked' front.
  • Daylight - there is a window behind the hob and sink that gives daylight to the worktop but some additional daylight also comes into the kitchen via the roof vent.
  • Night-Time Lighting - there is a total of 4 fixed spot lights - 2 directly over the worktop and 2 in front of the overhead lockers. 
  • Cooker - The kitchen is fitted with a Thetford Spinflo oven with electronic ignition.
  • Hob - the hob has 3 gas burners and an electric hotplate with controls to the right-hand side.
  • Microwave - there is a microwave to give extra cooking options
  • Refrigerator - The kitchen comes with a refrigerator that has a removable freezer compartment ( on the opposite side of the caravan ).
  • Sink -  a large sink and drainer with single mixer tap.
  • Other - there is a roof vent / fan extractor in the ceiling to reduce condensation from cooking.

The Bedroom

A 'galley' style bedroom with a traditional, symmetrical layout - single beds to either side of the caravan. The bedroom is separated from the front of the caravan by a sliding, folding room separator and there is a solid door between the bedroom and washroom.

Many people like the convenience a bedroom with fixed bed because it gets rid of the need to make a bed up every night and pack it all away in the morning. This bedroom provides a two single fixed beds; 1 @ 6' 3" x 2' 5" and 1 @ 6' 1" x 2' 5"

  • Storage - The bedroom has 6 good sized overhead lockers and large storage space under both beds.
  • Daylight - true to the symmetry of the design, the bedroom has a window either side of the caravan plus a medium sized rooflight above to give daylight into the bedroom area.
  • Night-Time Lighting - there are 2 directional spotlights at the headboard end of the bedroom.
  • Other - the bedroom has it's own TV station connection point with 12 volt and mains power sockets. If you look at the photographs you will see the sliding bracket for the television.

The TV Station

There is a small dedicated TV station area with TV connection point and both 12 volt and mains power sockets, directly opposite the main kitchen area, enabling TV to be easily watched from the front lounge. The aerial connection point is of course linked to a signal booster and aerial.

Cassette Toilet and Shower Cubicle of the Champagne WashroomThe WC / Shower Room

One thing you will notice when you walk into this washroom is the excellent amount of room available for towelling down after a shower - cramped it is not. The washroom is situated at the rear of the caravan. Within the room is a large wardrobe style cupboard with hanging rail and internal light. There is also a good sized cupboard beneath the washbasin that would suit the storage of toiletries. The washroom has a roof vent to reduce the build up of condensation.

  • Night-Time Lighting - There are 2 fixed spotlights plus another fixed spotlight in the shower cubicle.
  • Daylight - there is a window behind the cassette toilet and a small amount of daylight comes into the washroom via the roof vent.
  • Shower Cubicle - The shower measures 75 x 72cm approximately. It has a sliding, bi-fold door.

Caravan Features

  • Chassis - an AL-KO galvanised chasis with Euro-axle.
  • AL-KO AKS 2004 Stabiliser - stabilisers reduce rolling and pitching whilst you are towing and significantly improve the smoothness of a journey. They give the driver greater confidence and control.
  • Security - fitted with IDM-3 infra-red security alarm
  • Heating - Truma 3002 3kw gas heater and supplementary 230v Ultraheat system with automatic ignition and silent running night setting.
  • Refrigerator - Dometic  104 litre refrigerator with electronic ignition and full width freezer compartment.
  • Cooking - Spinflo combined grill and domestic style glass fronted oven with electronic ignition and flame failure device. Spinflo recessed 4-burner hob unit incorporating flush fitting glass hinged lid with conveniently located side controls.
  • Radio / CD Player - with USB connection point. Connected to stereo speakers.
  • Shower Cubicle - shower cubicle with double door entry - approx size 70cm x 70cm
  • Cassette Toilet - Swivel Thetford casette toilet with electric flush and integrated header tank.
  • Blinds - adding that extra privacy factor.
  • Double Glazing - for extra comfort in those colder periods.
  • Fly Screens - helps keep out those unwanted insects.

Caravan Specifications

  • Berth: 2
  • Year: 2004
  • Shipping Length: 6.508 (21' 5")
  • Overall Width: 2.28m (7' 6")
  • Maximum Weight: 1385kg (27.3cwt)
  • Unladen weight: 1160kg (22.8cwt)
  • Bed Size - Front Double: 7' 0" x 4' 7"
  • Bed Size - Front Singles: 2 @ 6' 2" x 2' 4"

Caravan Features

  • Stabiliser - Winterhoff WS3000 stabiliser - stabilisers reduce rolling and pitching whilst you are towing and significantly improve the smoothness of a journey. They give the driver greater confidence and control.
  • Heating - Alde Hydronic Compact 3010 24 hour programmable central & water heating
  • Refrigerator - refrigerator with removable freezer section
  • Cooking - Spinflo oven with 2 shelves and electronic ignition. Dual fuel hob unit with 3 gas burners and an electric hotplate.
  • Radio / CD Player - JVC KD R223 Radio / CD player connected to stereo speakers.
  • Shower Cubicle - shower cubicle with bi-fold door entry - approx size 75cm x 72cm
  • Cassette Toilet - Dometic CT3050 toilet with ceramic bowl and automatic water feed.
  • Blinds - adding that extra privacy factor.
  • Double Glazing - for extra comfort in those colder periods.
  • Fly Screens - helps keep out those unwanted insects.
  • Other - External gas barbecue point.

Caravan Specifications

  • Berth: 4
  • Year: 2012
  • Shipping Length: 7.996 (26' 2")
  • Overall Width: 2.30m (7' 6")
  • MTPLM: 1930kg (37.91cwt)
  • Max User Payload: 202kg ( 3.96cwt )
  • Bed Size - Front Double: 6' 10" x 5' 7"
  • Bed Size - Fixed Singles: 1 @ 6' 3" x 2' 5" and 1 @ 6' 1" x 2' 5"

Please Note: Due to the considerable changes to and sheer volume of makes and models of caravans AND the difficulty of obtaining historical information, it cannot be guaranteed that the details given here are correct. Thus they are given AS A GUIDE ONLY as should be treated and understood as such.

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