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Kampa Awnings

Kampa Awnings LogoIncorporating more than 30 years of camping know-how, the Kampa range continues a fine heritage of producing class leading products.

Never standing still, Kampa Awnings have made a number of updates to their awnings for the 2018 season. These changes include updates to the materials used, the introduction of the Dual Roof System and new awnings models that extend the Kampa range even further. For more information on these changes view our Kampa Awnings Product Guide.

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Tie Down Kit Suitable for Kampa Revo Zip

Tie Down Kit Suitable for Kampa Revo Zip£22.99

Kampa Revo Zip

Kampa Revo ZipFrom:  £231.99

Kampa Rally 200

Kampa Rally 200£240.00

Kampa Revo Zip Privacy Room

Kampa Revo Zip Privacy RoomFrom:  £262.50

Kampa Rally 260

Kampa Rally 260£285.00

Kampa Rally 330

Kampa Rally 330£315.00

Kampa Rally Pro 200

Kampa Rally Pro 200£340.00

Kampa Rally 390

Kampa Rally 390£345.00

Kampa Rally Pro 260

Kampa Rally Pro 260£400.00

Kampa Rally Pro 330

Kampa Rally Pro 330£450.00

Kampa Rally Pro 390

Kampa Rally Pro 390£490.00

Kampa Ace Pro 400

Kampa Ace Pro 400£550.00

Kampa Rally Air Pro 200

Kampa Rally Air Pro 200£600.00

Kampa Rally Air Pro 260

Kampa Rally Air Pro 260£725.00

Kampa Pop Air Pro 260

Kampa Pop Air Pro 260£750.00

Designed specifically for the Eriba Puck
Width: 260cm   Depth: 245cm

Kampa Pop Air Pro 290

Kampa Pop Air Pro 290£800.00

Designed specifically for the Eriba Familia
Width: 290cm   Depth: 245cm

Kampa Rally Air Pro 330

Kampa Rally Air Pro 330£825.00

Kampa Pop Air Pro 340

Kampa Pop Air Pro 340£850.00

Kampa Ace Air Pro 300

Kampa Ace Air Pro 300£900.00

Kampa Pop Air Pro 365

Kampa Pop Air Pro 365£900.00

Kampa Rally Air Pro 390

Kampa Rally Air Pro 390£925.00

Kampa Grande Air Pro 330

Kampa Grande Air Pro 330£1,000.00

Kampa Ace Air Pro 400

Kampa Ace Air Pro 400£1,100.00

Kampa Club Air Pro 330

Kampa Club Air Pro 330£1,100.00

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Page 1 of 2:    32 Items


Kampa Awning Product News For 2018

Dual Pitch Roof System
Kampa have introduced their dynamic dual-pitch roof system to much ( but not all ) of their awning range. This new roof design gives greater headroom particularly at the front of the awning. Undoubtedly, this will be appreciated by those who are a bit taller than most. It also gives improved performance. Kampa have developed the pole structure of the roof so that it remains more taut making it more efficient at shedding water; this reduces the risk of sagging where pools of water will collect and potentially damage the awning.
Kampa Ace Air 400 All Season - 2018 New Awning
A NEW awning for the 2018 season. As the name suggests, it has been developed to withstand greater variations in weather conditions; from hot dry weather to wet and windy and therefore can be pitched for greater periods. It is made using Kampa's Weathershield 4 Season material and has roll back blinds on all windows as well as a storm tie down kit.
Kampa Rally Air Pro Grande - 2018 New Awning
A NEW awning for the 2018 season. Extending the Rally range even further, the Rally Air Pro Grande is especially applicable to anyone looking for plenty of space as it has a depth of three metres and provides just short of 12 square metres extension to your caravan. It also features Kampa's new Dual Roof Pitch sytsem, it is Limpet ready, Sabre Link ready, has Kampa's Accessory Track and benefits from Kampa's clever Single Point Inflation technology.
Kampa Frontier Air Pro 300 - 2018 New Awning
A NEW awning for the 2018 season. Although the Frontier Air Pro was introduced to the Kampa range of awnings last season, this is a completely new size and model. This means that the Frontier awning is now available as an option to even more caravan sizes. An awning with a clever and unique design the Frontier provides huge amounts of space and is a truly exceptional addition to your caravan.
Kampa - A Brief Idea Of Who They Are And What They Do
A family run business in the United Kingdom and now one of the leading brand names in the tent and awning market, Kampa were founded in 2006. The Kampa brand name and product range has grown rapidly to include camping and caravanning spares and accessories, tents and of course their substantial awning range which will be the main focus of this article. As time has passed Kampa products have earned a reputation for high quality, value for money and product innovation and are now widely available across Europe and indeed even as far afield as Korea.
Kampa Awnings - A Brief Introduction
The Kampa awning range has grown year on year to provide a quite bewildering degree of choice. Whilst this level of choice is generally welcomed as it increases the likelihood of finding that perfect awning - the one that meets all your needs and ticks all the boxes - it can also lead to a great deal of bewilderment and confusion. The Kampa awning range can be naturally devided into smaller ranges that describe the main features of the awning. The main purpose of this article will be to outline these ranges, give details of their main features and thereby help you to decide on the best Kampa awning for you.

Kampa Awnings Using Airframe Technology

What Are Kampa Airframe Awnings?
A major change to the awning market, Kampa Airframe awnings are a complete departure from the traditional way of providing an awning with it's frame. Gone, are the conventional metal or fibreglass poles. Replacing them are inflatable airpoles ( also known as airbeams ) that are always attached to the awning making setup, simple, easy and a one step process.

All Air Poles Are Linked
With Kampa Air awnings each airpole is linked together. However they can be individually isolated using the valves shown above.

Single Inflation Point
Because Kampa link all the airpoles the entire awning can be inflated and deflated from a single point

Safer For Your Caravan
Airframe awnings reduce the risk of damage to your caravan or vehicle because they are made from softer materials
What Are The Advantages of An AirFrame Awning?

A major change to the awning market, Kampa Airframe awnings are a complete departure from the traditional way of providing an awning with it's frame. Gone are the conventional metal or fibreglass poles. Replacing them are inflatable airpoles ( also known as airbeams ) that are always attached to the awning making setup, simple, easy and a one step process.

  • Awnings with air poles are easy to set-up and take down. With airframe awnings there is no need to look for the poles or work out which pole goes where. They are permanently attached to the awning.
  • Kampa airframe awnings have a special feature - all the poles are linked together so the awning airframe can be inflated from just a single point. (this not true of all brands). Of course, this also means that deflating the awning frame is also easier and can be achieved from the one point.
  • Kampa airframe awnings are lighter than traditional awnings with hard poles. This provides two advantages; your vehicle weighs less when travelling to your pitching site so you use less fuel and save on travelling costs but also when you get to the site it is much easier to get the awning out of the vehicle and pitch it.
  • It is not uncommon for steel or fibreglass poles to break in stormy, windy conditions. This is bad enough, but it is worse when they break and damage your caravan or vehicle. Airfame awnings do not have this problem; by comparison the airpoles are soft and there is nothing to cause this kind of damage. Indeed, airpoles by their very nature have a degree of natural give that helps them perform well in these type of conditions.
  • Lost or forgotten poles become a thing of the past. With an airframe awning the airpoles are always attached to the awning. You don't have to go looking for them; you don't need to work out which ones go together ( all that colour coding ) and you don't need to remember how the poles fit to the awning - just locate the single inflation point and start pumping and in minutes your awning is ready for pegging ( yes, you still need to peg them out )
So Simple To Set-Up

Kampa Frontier Air Pro Awnings

What awnings are included in the Kampa Frontier Air Pro range?
Kampa Frontier Air Pro 300

Kampa Frontier Air Pro 400
General: One of the largest awnings on the marketplace, the ingenious and unique design of the Frontier means that it provides an awning with a much greater width than the caravan you own. The Frontier Air Pro 300 is 7 metres wide but requires a caravan with a horizontal awning rail of just more than three metres whilst the Frontier Air Pro 400 is 8 metres wide but only requires a caravan with a horizontal awning rail of just more than four metres. In both of the end extensions ( the portions that project further than your caravan ) is an access door, providing you the advantage of departing or entering from either end. Both the left and right ends have a window in the rear panel so, if the extension covers your caravan window, you can still see out into the awning.
Pole Type: The Kampa Frontier Air Pro awning uses airframe technology for it's frame. All 'airpoles' are linked together to form the awning frame. The entire frame can be pumped up from a single point.
Awning Fabric / Flysheet: The Weathershield Pro fabric used by the Frontier Air Pro range is extra heavy duty and double coated. It has a hydrostatic head value of 6000mm. To maximise weatherproofing all seams are hot air taped.
Kampa Frontier Air Pro Features At a Glance
Feature Detail
Flysheet / Fabric
Weathershield Pro Extra Heavy Duty, double coated. Seams are hot air taped for maximum weatherproofing.
Waterproof Rating
6000mm Hydrostatic Head
Frame Type
Kampa Airframe inflatable pole system with one point inflation.
Panel Options
Front panels can be zipped out. Side panels can also be zipped out.
Crystal Clear windows with curtains on all windows.
Mud Flaps
Internal mud flaps with pegging eyelets.
Seal To Caravan
Bumper pads with a choice of optional extras – rear upright poles or Limpet System.
Draught Skirt
A draught skirt to keep out the draughts that come from under the caravan is included with the Frontier Air Pro awning.
The awning roof has skylights.
Roof Type
Dual Pitch Roof System.
Suitable for caravans with a rail height of 235 – 250cm. Despite being 8 metres wide the awning only requires a caravan with a horizontal awning rail of just over four metres.
Model Dimensions And Weights At A Glance
Pack Size
Frontier Air Pro 300
95 x 41 x 41cm
Frontier Air Pro 400
95 x 47 x 47cm