Ventura Pacific 250 ( 2015 )

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Brand:  Ventura
Awning Type:  Full Awning
Frame Type:  Poled

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· New and Boxed
· Description, Features & Specifications Are For 2018 Model

Ventura Pacific 250 LogoVentura Pacific 250 ( 2015 )

Lightweight, Simple To Assemble And Maintain

Please Note: This Description, the Features and the Specifications are for the 2018 Model. Please contact us BEFORE purchasing if you require clarification of any detail.

The Ventura Pacific 250 awning, with a depth of 2.5 metres, provides an excellent extra living space to your caravan. Ventura offer a choice of two frame types; the lightweight IXL fibreglass frame that makes the awning easy to put up and convenient to carry and transport whilst the Prenox steel frame has the strength of steel and is zinc coated on the outside. The Pacific 250 is made using Tencate Polyester - a polyester material that is coated on one side so that it is light and can be easily wiped clean, reducing maintenance.

There are four doors - two on either side, which can be very handy if there is a prevailing wind. A nice feature of the Pacific 250 is that all the panels can either be folded down or removed completely. The side window is provided with a mosquito net so that you can open it for ventilation without letting in those annoying insects. There is also adjustable front ventilation.

The Ventura Pacific 250 comes with a number of items as standard which include, screw-free FixOn II fittings, a set of curtains, a draught skirt, a standard wheel arch cover, an awning bag, a pole bag and a peg bag.

Awing Features

  1. Supplied with screw-free FixOn II fittings.
  2. Curtain set included.
  3. A Draught skirt is included.
  4. Standard wheel arch cover included
  5. Awning Bag included.
  6. Pole and Peg Bag included.

Ventura FixOn II Fixings
Screw Free FixOn II Fittings - no need to drill holes in your caravan

Awning Specifications

  • Depth: 250cm
  • Number of Doors: 4
  • Frame Type: Choice of Lightweight IXL Fibreglass - a lightweight and corrosion resistant frame or Prenox Steel Frame - externally zinc coated.
  • Main Material: Ventex - An Acrylate material coated on one side. VenTex polyester is light, wipeable, and reduces condensation.
  • Panels: All panels can be folded down or removed.
  • Mosquito Nets: A mosquito net window in one side with zipped external foil cover.

Ventura Poles Types

Prenox Steel Poles

With all the inherent strength of steel poles, the Ventura Prenox poles also have an external zinc coating. This coating is 50% thicker than traditional surfaces ensuring the poles have greater durability and an extra long life.

Ventura Prenox Poles


IXL Fibreglass Poles

IXL poles combine the high flexibility of fibreglass with extremely strong carbon fibres. Carbon fibres are 4-5 times stronger than steel. IXL poles are significantly lighter and reduce the total weight of a set of awning poles.

Fibreglass is a 'warm' material by comparison to steel and therefore causes less condensation. The fibreglass poles are also corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain and easily assembled.

Ventura IXL Fibreglass Poles