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Campervan Awnings

Campervan Awnings

Caravans and motorhomes are not the only vehicles that people want to attach awnings to - very far from it. We have called this selection of awnings 'Campervan Awnings', but we could just as well have called it Car Awnings, SUV Awnings, Van Awnings or even Awnings for Bongos.

The greater variation in vehicle shapes, from large SUV's ( sport utility vehicles ), estate cars to converted vans and campervans, demands greater flexibility from the awning with respect to how it will fit the vehicle - therefore many of the awnings have universal fitting sleeves or tunnels to cater for this.

Does the awning need to fit to the tail of the vehicle or over a side opening sliding door - you will find awnings here to meet any of these requirements. Additionally the flexibility in fitting methods is also important and many of the awnings provide more than just one method of how you can secure the awning to the vehicle.

You may also want the freedom of a 'freestanding' or 'driveaway' awning that releases your vehicle and enables you to take a trip-out whilst leaving the awning back at your campsite.

Campervan Awnings

Available Methods Of Attaching Kampa Awnings To Your Vehicle

Many of the Kampa awnings can be attached to the your vehicle by no less than four different methods giving them excellent versatility and providing you with greater choice. Do check the specific product you are interested in to see what methods of attachment it offers and whether you need to purchase any optional extras.

  • The Pole and Clamp Method - ( Optional Extra ) This method provides the greatest security with regard to the attachment of the awning to the vehicle and is suitable for vehicles that have a gutter running the length of the vehicle. At the rear of the awning is a tunnel that has a sleeve. This sleeve is sewn along the tunnel's length. Into this sleeve you slide a pole. The pole is placed into the vehicle's gutter and secured to the vehicle using the clamps that Kampa supply.
  • The Beading Method - All Kampa Travel Pod awnings have a tunnel to the rear. Sewn in, along the length of this tunnel is 6mm beading. If the vehicle has an awning rail you can use this along with the beading to attach the awning to the vehicle. Alternatively, the beading can be clipped to the vehicle gutter using a 'figure of 8' profile ( not supplied ). Kampa also have an optional extra, called a 'driveaway kit' that can be used for this purpose.
  • The Guyline Method - This is generally considred to be the fastest method - so it can be very handy if you are setting up in undesirable weather conditions or not staying on the pitch for long. Firstly, attached the guylines to the top corners of the rear awning tunnel. Next, throw the guylines over the vehicle. Finally, you can either peg the guylines down or alternatively, secure them to an appropriate part of the vehicle.
  • The Velcro Loops Method - This method is only applicable if your vehicle is fitted with roof rails. If it does, then you can use the velcro straps that are fitted along the top edge of the awning tunnel to attach the awning to your vehicle. You do this by simply fixing the velcro loops around the roof rail.