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Our Security Products webpage provides a range of locks, clamps and other devices to provide increased security all year round for motorhomes, caravans and trailers. Improve the deterent factor for thieves thinking of steeling your valuable asset by adding these security devices. Highly trusted brands like Milenco and AL‑KO produce products that are reliable and of the highest quality - many of the products are 'insurance approved'.

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WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt Set

WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt Set£40.00

Milenco Door Frame Lock

Milenco Door Frame Lock£52.00

Milenco Door Lock

Milenco Door Lock£52.00

Milenco Large Security Hand Rail

Milenco Large Security Hand Rail£102.00

Milenco Compact WheelClamp

Milenco Compact WheelClamp£115.00

AL-KO Safety Compact Hitchlock

AL-KO Safety Compact Hitchlock£122.00

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

Caravan Security AL-KO LogoTake Your Caravan Security To The NEXT LEVEL

Wheel clamps are absolutely ideal for adding that extra line of defence and ensuring as best you can, that your caravan or leisure vehicle stays where you want it to.

Adding a hitch lock to the hitch of your caravan or trailer adds yet another deterent and provides yet another obstacle for potential thieves to overcome. Hitch locks make it more difficult for anyone other than yourself to hook up the caravan or trailer to their vehicle - giving you greater assurance that when you leave your caravan or trailer unattended it will be there when you return.