Mains Cables & Adaptors

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Mains 240V Connector

Mains 240V Connector£3.99

Continental Mains Hookup Plug

Continental Mains Hookup Plug£8.00

Mains Box Cover & Pins

Mains Box Cover & Pins£8.00

Mains Hookup Socket Convertor

Mains Hookup Socket Convertor£8.00

Maypole Cable Storage Bag

Maypole Cable Storage Bag£8.00

Caravan Mains Hookup UK Adaptor

Caravan Mains Hookup UK Adaptor£9.00

Mains Surface/Underside Inlet

Mains Surface/Underside Inlet£9.00

Garage Socket 240V

Garage Socket 240V£12.00

2 Way Mains Splitter

2 Way Mains Splitter£14.00

Cable Storage Reel

Cable Storage Reel£15.00

Flush-Fit Mains Inlet  Square White

Flush-Fit Mains Inlet Square White£15.00

Angled Mains Inlet

Angled Mains Inlet£17.00

White Rectangle Flush-Fit Mains Inlet

White Rectangle Flush-Fit Mains Inlet£21.00

10 Metre Mains Cable

10 Metre Mains Cable£35.00

25 Metre Mains Cable

25 Metre Mains Cable£50.00


Page 1 of 1:    20 Items