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Dorema have been producing awnings for more than 30 years and over this time they have established themselves as a solid brand favourite with caravanners and caravan enthusiasts alike - particularly those looking for an awning with the quality to stand-up to the rigours of the British weather. The Dorema awning range has developed to include both innovative, flexible designs, high quality materials and the latest advanced technology such as airframes.

Penrose Touring offer almost the entire, extensive Dorema awning range, with each awning typically coming in many different sizes and colour choices.

In today's rapidly developing caravan awning market, Dorema have continued to make investments in the future with practical, improved manufacturing technological innovation and ongoing extensive research into the production of high quality materials for awnings. Whether you are looking for a full size caravan awning with traditional poles for long term site use, an awning with the convenience and ease of airframe technology  or a more compact weekend porch awning, the quality and variety of options provided by the Dorema range will make your choice that much easier.

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Dorema Davos

Dorema DavosFrom:  £589.00

Dorema Quattro 225 & 275

Dorema Quattro 225 & 275From:  £703.00

Dorema Oslo

Dorema OsloFrom:  £734.00

Dorema Mistral

Dorema Mistral£780.00

Dorema Daytona 240

Dorema Daytona 240From:  £822.00

Dorema Mistral XL

Dorema Mistral XL£883.00

Dorema Safari

Dorema SafariFrom:  £958.00

Dorema Garda 240

Dorema Garda 240From:  £1,174.00

Dorema Omega DeLuxe

Dorema Omega DeLuxeFrom:  £1,174.00

Dorema Quattro 380 & 430

Dorema Quattro 380 & 430From:  £1,174.00

Dorema Garda 240 DeLuxe

Dorema Garda 240 DeLuxeFrom:  £1,325.00

Dorema Daytona Air

Dorema Daytona AirFrom:  £1,474.00

Dorema President 250

Dorema President 250From:  £1,497.00

Dorema Magnum AirForce All Season

Dorema Magnum AirForce All SeasonFrom:  £1,543.00

Dorema President XL300

Dorema President XL300From:  £1,628.00

Dorema President XL280 DeLuxe

Dorema President XL280 DeLuxeFrom:  £1,688.00

Dorema Emerald 270

Dorema Emerald 270From:  £1,724.00

Dorema Onyx 270

Dorema Onyx 270From:  £1,964.00

Dorema Royal 350 DeLuxe

Dorema Royal 350 DeLuxeFrom:  £2,322.00

Dorema Horizon Air DeLuxe

Dorema Horizon Air DeLuxeFrom:  £2,360.00

Dorema Luxor Air 280

Dorema Luxor Air 280From:  £2,550.00

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Dorema Awnings - Some Product Details

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TenCate Material

Dorema awnings are manufactured using, world leading, TenCate outdoor fabrics which provide optimal all round protection for years of enjoyment.

DormaTex is coated polyester material, which has been exclusively designed by TenCate for Dorema Awnings

Dorema Frame Types

Dorema Steel Frame1. STEEL - The Steel frames offer great stability and are easy to assemble with the EasyGrip clamp system. When you have a seasonal pitch, Dorema highly recommend you to use their 28mm steel frames for extra stability and a carefree stay.

2. ALU QUICK SYSTEM - The ultra light aluminium frame consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles. Each section contains a number of poles which are telescopic or are connected together with a spring system. All angle joints are made of steel.

  • Lightweight (about half the weight of steel).
  • No rust​

3.Dorema Alu and FibreTech Plus Frames FIBRETECH PLUS - The very latest in fibreglass frame technology, manufactured from 30 mm and 25,5 mm diameter tubing. This is a top quality woven fibreglass tube that is incredibly strong, easy to handle and simple to erect. The unique construction of the FibreTech Plus frame ensures a degree of flexibility with maximum strength at all times.

  • Ultra light and flexible
  • Easy to setup
  • Very stable
  • Long life
  • New EasyGrip clamp system

Dorema Easy Air Frame System4. EASY AIR FRAME SYSTEM (EAF) -  The Easy Air Frame System consists of seamless TPU inner tubes that are high frequency welded on the ends. The inner tubes are protected within reinforced twin walled outer jackets. Inflation is achieved by an external single valve system that incorporates isolation valves which isolate each section of the main air frame. This also helps to preserve the air pressure within each inner tube. For rapid deflation, simply open the isolation valves and release the the air pressure from external multi-valves which are located at the front of the awning. The Easy Air Frame is only inflated to 8 -10 psi (max.) and makes the pitching of the air awning fast and simple.