Caravan Televisions

Caravan Televisions for Caravans and Motorhomes

Avtex LogoPenrose Touring offer televisions designed and developed specifically for portable vehicles like caravans, motorhomes and camper vans from market leaders Vision Plus and Avtex. Only brief descriptions are given on this page. For full details including detailed images please view each individual model.

The manner in which we view and receive television has undergone a major transformation in the last decade or so; there are now so many screen types to choose from including the old CRT's, LCD's, LED's and TFT's to name only some, whilst the way you obtain the signal may be via a satellite broadcast or a digital aerial for Freeview and Freeview HD. Technological breakthroughs have not only given caravanners much choice to ponder over, but have provided televisions that suit the needs of the travelling home.

Vision Plus LogoThey require far less power, consuming less of your precious electricity, provide better picture quality even from difficult angles, they are smaller and more compact and last but definately not least, they can be used for so much more than watching television; they are monitors for games consoles and mobile telephones, they can be used to view your holiday snaps and they can record programs whilst you are out so that you can enjoy your holiday evenings being entertained by the programs you want to watch.

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Vision Plus 23.5'' TV

Vision Plus 23.5" TV£269.00

Vision Plus 18.5'' TV

Vision Plus 18.5" TV£299.00

Vision Plus 21.5'' TV

Vision Plus 21.5" TV£329.00

Avtex M199DRS-PRO TV

Avtex M199DRS-PRO TV£369.99

Avtex W195TS Smart TV

Avtex W195TS Smart TV£369.99

Avtex M219DRS-PRO TV

Avtex M219DRS-PRO TV£399.00

Avtex W215TS Smart TV

Avtex W215TS Smart TV£399.00

Avtex W249TS Smart TV

Avtex W249TS Smart TV£429.99

Avtex M249DRS-PRO TV

Avtex M249DRS-PRO TV£449.00

Avtex W279TS Smart TV

Avtex W279TS Smart TV£479.99

Avtex W320TS Smart TV

Avtex W320TS Smart TV£499.99


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Caravan Televisions Power ConsumptionTelevisions That Use Less Space

In general, there is less space in a caravan than in your home. For this reason televisions for caravans are typically designed with slim profile frames thereby maximising the picture display and keeping the overall space used to a minimum. There are usually less main sockets as well. Because of this televisions specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes will take this into account and build-in the features that you need to enjoy your evenings entertainment. Typically this will include satellite receivers and Freeview receivers and also DVD players. 

Power Source and Power Consumption

Unlike televisions for the home that can be assured of mains power, televisions in your caravan & motorhame need to work not only when you are powering your electrical appliances on your 12 volt battery but also when you have a mains hook-up as well. For this reason televisions for caravans and motorhomes have been developed to run on both voltages. However, this is not the only consideration. When running on battery power, power guzzling appliances are definitely not a good idea, so portable televisions designed for caravans and motorhomes have also been developed to have a low power consumption - this is not only important because of limited battery power but is also handy if you do have a hook up anyway.

Versatile Connectivity

Caravan Television Versatile ConnectivityBeing able to use your television for lots of different purposes can be an absolute blessing - not least of all because of the space it saves - just think of all the devices you don't need to bring along with you. With modern televisions like these you can connect in so many ways - USB ports, Scart connections, Card Readers, HDMI ports, VGA ports and more. This versatility means that it is likely you will be able to connect your computer, USB memory stick, camera, phone etc to view movies and photographs that you have taken and enjoy your holiday experiences immediately.

Easy Viewing

Viewing the television in a caravan is often a completely different experience to say viewing it at home. The main distinctive differences are the angle at which you view the screen and the distance you view the screen from. The viewing angle is often forced on you by the arrangement of the caravan - particularly if there is quite a number of you - so televisions for caravans need to take this into account and have wide viewing angles. They should also have non-reflective screens so that lighting ( which tends to be quite different from your lighting at home ) does not interfere with the quality of your picture.