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Dorema Spares LogoDorema Spares, Replacement Parts and Accessories for Dorema Awnings

These are original Spares and Parts; not clones or compatibles. We find Dorema Awning Owners want the assurance that replacement awning parts and accessories are of the same size and specification - giving greater assurance that the part will fit and function just like the original. Having said that, many customers realise that these parts can often be used on other awnings and pole systems - but of course we cannot guarantee that.

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Dorema Anchor Fittings

Dorema Anchor Fittings£3.50

Dorema Clamp Wraps

Dorema Clamp Wraps£3.50

Dorema Curtain Profile Fixings

Dorema Curtain Profile Fixings£3.50

Dorema Bayonet Fitting 21.5mm

Dorema Bayonet Fitting 21.5mm£4.50

Dorema Bayonet Fitting 25.5mm

Dorema Bayonet Fitting 25.5mm£4.50

Dorema Canopy Pole End 21.5mm

Dorema Canopy Pole End 21.5mm£4.50

Dorema Canopy Pole End 25.5mm

Dorema Canopy Pole End 25.5mm£4.50

Dorema Roof Pole Plug 21.5mm

Dorema Roof Pole Plug 21.5mm£4.50

Dorema Roof Pole Plug 25.5mm

Dorema Roof Pole Plug 25.5mm£4.50

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 25.5mm

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 25.5mm£6.00

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 25mm

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 25mm£6.00

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 28mm

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 28mm£6.00

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 30mm

Dorema Adjusting Clamp 30mm£6.00

Dorema Ladder Straps 15cm

Dorema Ladder Straps 15cm£8.00

Dorema Ladder Straps 22cm

Dorema Ladder Straps 22cm£8.00

Dorema Safelock Mounting Kit

Dorema Safelock Mounting Kit£8.50

Dorema Rail Stopper

Dorema Rail Stopper£10.00

Dorema Repair Kit A

Dorema Repair Kit A£14.00

Dorema Repair Kit B

Dorema Repair Kit B£14.00

Dorema EasyGrip Clamps 22mm

Dorema EasyGrip Clamps 22mm£20.00

Dorema EasyGrip Clamps 25mm

Dorema EasyGrip Clamps 25mm£20.00

Dorema EasyGrip Clamps 28mm

Dorema EasyGrip Clamps 28mm£20.00

Dorema QuickLock Pads

Dorema QuickLock Pads£21.50

Dorema Safe Lock Kit

Dorema Safe Lock Kit£33.00

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