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The whole idea of a holiday is that you take time to sit down, relax and recharge your batteries. What better way to relax than on an Isabella chair; take the weight of those tired limbs and free your mind of all your worries. 

There are three words that spring to mind when you think of Isabella Furniture: Quality, Style and Comfort

Isabella provide  an extensive range of comfortable chairs to relax on, the Thor Chair and Footrests being a favourite of our customers.  You also have the foot stool that you can add a table top to, converting it into a handy little side-table for drinks. The Loke Chair has a high and low back version and there’s also a Sunbed and Beach Chair for the beach. 

For the little people in your family, Isabella have made the childs chair, a foldable highchair that can be installed on any Isabella chair and attached with click-closure straps. You also have folding and camping tables, great for meals outside in the fresh air and cupboards that are great for storage and reducing clutter.

Don’t forget to check out our Isabella Accessories for side pockets that are specifically designed to fit Isabella chairs plus towels and blankets to add to your comfort.

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Isabella Side Pocket for Chair

Isabella Side Pocket for Chair£10.79

Isabella Table Top for Stool

Isabella Table Top for Stool£16.79

Isabella Side Table for Directors Chair

Isabella Side Table for Directors Chair£19.00

Isabella FootStool

Isabella FootStool£25.00

Isabella Shoe Rack

Isabella Shoe Rack£25.20

Isabella Footrest for Bele Chair

Isabella Footrest for Bele Chair£34.99

Isabella Footrest Light Grey ( 2021 )

Isabella Footrest Light Grey ( 2021 )£44.50

Isabella Footrest

Isabella Footrest£45.60

Isabella Mini Chair

Isabella Mini Chair£49.00

Isabella Modi Chair

Isabella Modi Chair£53.00

Isabella Coffee Table

Isabella Coffee Table£55.00

Isabella Directors Chair - with Side Table

Isabella Directors Chair - with Side Table£60.00

Isabella Pop-Up Tower ( UK )

Isabella Pop-Up Tower ( UK )£63.60

Isabella Beach Chair

Isabella Beach Chair£66.00

Isabella Bele Chair

Isabella Bele Chair£79.99

Isabella Freja Chair

Isabella Freja Chair£89.00

Isabella Shoe Organiser

Isabella Shoe Organiser£96.00

Isabella Single Folding Cupboard

Isabella Single Folding Cupboard£109.00

Isabella Bele Chair & Footrest

Isabella Bele Chair & Footrest£114.98

Isabella Folding Table 120 x 60cm

Isabella Folding Table 120 x 60cm£115.00

Isabella Folding Table 120 x 80cm

Isabella Folding Table 120 x 80cm£115.00

Isabella Loke High Back Chair

Isabella Loke High Back Chair£120.00

Isabella Loke Low Back Chair

Isabella Loke Low Back Chair£120.00

Isabella Thor Chair

Isabella Thor Chair£120.00

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Page 1 of 2:    35 Items


Once you're on holiday, it's nice to unpack your clothes and have the right outfit at your disposal ready for your adventures. Living out of a bag has its drawbacks. Everything starts off neatly folded and stacked and as you pull something out, everything else comes out with it and ends up getting shoved back in.

The Folding Cupboards are great at offering an organised space to unpack your clothes. If you have a large family they offer you extra storage.  No more rummaging to the bottom of a holdall for your favourite shorts and T-shirt!

They aren’t just for clothes either...  
Placed in your awning, they can accommodate light food goods, such as crisps and snacks, childrens toys, dogs bowls, leads and harnesses, torches and first aid kits, just to name a few.

Food For Thought!

Meal times are family times when you all gather round the table and spend quality time reflecting on the days events and creating happy memories. It's a shame to be inside your caravan when the weather is lovely so a camping or folding table will mean you can enjoy the outdoors for longer or a cosy evening in your awning. Add to the enjoyment by having comfortable chairs that are lightweight and easy to move around.

Everything is designed with space efficiency and ease of storage in mind so no need to worry about where to put it all when you pack up your caravan for your travels.