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For over 100 years, Dometic has been designing innovative, durable and sustainable products for use in vehicles over land and sea that allow consumers to enjoy the comforts of home in the outdoors, no matter how far from home.

When travelling in your Motorhome or with your caravan, you have the freedom to stop at the most beautiful places. Simply turn off your ignition, get the tables and chairs out and enjoy the marvellous views. A Dometic awning gives you added pleasure by transforming and adding holiday space to your vehicle - space where you will spend many relaxing hours. You can also quickly create an extra living or sleeping space with a patio room accessory, which comes complete with  mesh screens to protect from bugs and roll down panels for privacy.

Make the most of the outdoors with a Dometic awning. Dometic premium awnings feature the latest innovations and enhancements to provide privacy and comfort wherever you pitch-up. Designed for easy and convenient extension of your living space, quality materials are used to ensure reliable operation and durability. You are invited to go on a journey of discovery. Explore the Dometic world and find out what Dometic can do for you.

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Tie Down Kit Suitable for Kampa Revo Zip

Tie Down Kit Suitable for Kampa Revo Zip£30.00

Dometic Rally 200

Dometic Rally 200£330.00

Dometic Rally 260

Dometic Rally 260£380.00

Dometic Rally 330

Dometic Rally 330£425.00

Dometic Rally Pro 200

Dometic Rally Pro 200£455.00

Dometic Leggera Air 220 S

Dometic Leggera Air 220 S£465.00

Dometic Rally 390

Dometic Rally 390£465.00

Dometic Leggera Air 260 S

Dometic Leggera Air 260 S£490.00

Dometic Rally Pro 260

Dometic Rally Pro 260£535.00

Dometic Rally Pro 330

Dometic Rally Pro 330£600.00

Dometic Rally Pro 390

Dometic Rally Pro 390£655.00

Dometic Rally Air Pro 200 S

Dometic Rally Air Pro 200 S£815.00

Dometic Rally Air Pro 260 S

Dometic Rally Air Pro 260 S£1,000.00

Dometic Rally Air Pro 330 S

Dometic Rally Air Pro 330 S£1,140.00

Dometic Rally Air Pro 390 S

Dometic Rally Air Pro 390 S£1,250.00

Dometic Club Air Pro 260 S

Dometic Club Air Pro 260 S£1,275.00

Dometic Mobil Air Pro 361/391

Dometic Mobil Air Pro 361/391£1,385.00

Dometic Grande AIR Pro 390 S

Dometic Grande AIR Pro 390 S£1,415.00

Dometic Rally Air All Season 260 S

Dometic Rally Air All Season 260 S£1,415.00

Dometic Club Air Pro 330 S

Dometic Club Air Pro 330 S£1,465.00

Dometic Club Air Pro 390 S

Dometic Club Air Pro 390 S£1,600.00

Dometic Club Air Pro 440 S

Dometic Club Air Pro 440 S£1,740.00

Dometic Ace Air Pro 400 S

Dometic Ace Air Pro 400 S£1,795.00

Dometic Grande Air All Season 390 S

Dometic Grande Air All Season 390 S£1,845.00

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Static Awnings
For tourers wanting an awning designed for static use, Dometic's best-selling static awnings are easy to set-up and take-down, providing fantastic fitting to the vehicle side and first class accommodation. Utilising the unique AIR Frame system, which links individual AIR Poles together, Dometic static awnings can be conveniently inflated from a single point. Twin beading comes as standard ( 5mm and 7mm ) and can either be fed through the awning rail attached to your vehicle or threaded through the front channel of a cassette awning.

Dometic Awnings Drive-Away Kit Example Drive-Away Awnings
Dometic free-standing awnings are available in a range of sizes, built to fit vehicles with a connection height between 180 and 300cm. Dometic's innovative drive-away awnings are versatile by design, adjustable connection tunnels fit securely to most motorhomes, panel vans and campervans. As standard, all drive-aways can be attached with included straps over the vehicle or velcro loops.

Dometic Awnings Single Point Inflation Air Frame Construction


Individual AIR Poles are linked together allowing the entire awning to be inflated from a single external inflation point. The entire AIR Frame is easily deflated through quick release deflation valves at the base of each leg; as each AIR Pole is connected there is no need to deflate each AIR Pole individually. So, as well as being the easiest awnings to set-up, the user-friendly Dometic awnings are also the easiest to take down.

Inflatable Static Awnings ( Key Features )

Multi Height System

Height adjustable awning technology ensures fitment across multiple vehicle types.

QuickPitch™ Guying System

Heavy-duty straps can be pegged out in seconds. Peg the bottom strap taut and adjust the top buckle to apply tension.

Dual Pitch Roof System

Effectively deflect wind and shed rain water efficiently to prevent puddling on the roof and enhance performance.

Single Point Inflation

Conveniently inflate the entire AIR Frame from just one external inflation point.

SabreLink Ready

Attach up to three lights on the front and centre AIR Poles. Switch the lights on/off and adjust the brightness remotely.

Limpet Ready

Pre-punched holes ready to attach the rear wall of the awning to the vehicle using Limpet Fix technology.

Dual Keder

5mm and 7mm keder for fitment to caravans and motorhome cassette awnings

Apex Ventilation

Ventilation improves comfort by increasing air circulation and reducing condensation.

Awning Materials
High quality fabrics tested for durability

Waterproof and UV Protected

All awning material is tested to 200L/m2 per hour to ensure that you are kept dry. Dometic awning material allows only 1/50th of ultraviolet rays to pass through, ensuring you’re protected and kept cool.

Weathershield™ All-Season

Dometic Weathersield All Season Icon Ultra-rugged and UV resistant material for touring in hot climates and seasonal use.

Weathershield™ Pro

Dometic Weathersield Pro Icon A traditional canvas look with modern double-coated polyester weatherproofing.

Weathershield™ 150D

Dometic Weathersield All Season Icon Extremely lightweight yet durable Weathershield 150D polyester.

Weathershield™ PVC

Dometic Weathersield All Season Icon 400g/m2 Weathershield™ PVC is tough, waterproof and easy to clean.

Weathershield™ Redux

Dometic Weathersield Redux IconWaterproof, lightweight, and environmentally responsible