Dometic Rally Air Pro 260 S

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Dometic Deluxe Rear Upright Pole SetDometic Deluxe Rear Upright Pole Set

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Dometic LogoDometic Rally Air Pro 260 S

Part of the Rally Air Pro series, the Rally Air Pro 260 was the smallest in the range but Dometic have now added the Rally Air Pro 200. With a width of 2.6 metres and a depth of 2.5 metres the awning provides approximately 6.5 square metres of extra space to your caravan. 

The iconic Rally AIR Pro benefits from years of continuous design improvements and is packed full of the latest awning innovations to enhance your touring experience. Its Weathershield Pro material, crystal clear windows and additional ventilation create a comfortable living space wherever you pitch-up. Not forgetting Dometic’s unique Single Point Inflation system and QuickPitch webbing straps which ensure a fast and easy set-up every time.

Easily swap the interchangeable side panels for up to two zip-on annexes - with the Rally AIR Pro, friends and family are always welcome. Ideal for weekend breaks and longer holidays, this versatile awning can be tailored to your needs with mesh panel sets, storm straps and many more accessories.

The main material that the awning is made from is important and the Rally Air Pro is no exception. This awning uses Kampa's Weathershield Pro fabric, that is used on a great deal of their awning range. It has a proven track record, with its strong durability and high value weatherproofing. Despite these qualities it remains lightweight and manageable - great for easy set up and handling. Improvements have been made to the UV protection and the coatings to make sure that Weathershield Pro continues to function well as an awning material. 

The awning also incorporates another innovation - the Dual-Pitch Roof System ( for more information about this see below ). 

The Rally AIR Pro is inflated through a single inflation point. This is a single point from where the entire awning is inflated including all airpoles and beams. This also means that there is only one valve ( on other brands, each of the poles are separate and need to be pumped up individually ). 

The Dometic Rally Air Pro 260 is also 'Sabre Link Ready'. The SabreLink Link System provides effective lighting to your awning. You can link up to three light strips together with each strip having 150 LED lights. This is an optional extra. 

Awning Specifications

  • Width: 260cm
  • Depth: 250cm
  • Suitability: The Rally AIR Pro 260 is suitable for caravans with a rail height of 235 to 250cm.
  • Weight (kg): 21.2
  • Awning Material: Weathershield Pro

Awning Features

  • Material: Weathershield Pro - The iconic Dometic fabric used extensively throughout the awning range has proved itself time and time again. With the look and feel of a traditional fabric, but weighing far less, Weathershield Pro continues to be the definitive choice for tourers the world over.
  • Single Point Inflation: Yes
  • Dual-Pitch Roof System: Yes
  • QuickPitch Guying System: Yes
  • Limpet Ready: Yes
  • SabreLink Ready: Yes
  • Flyscreen Panels: R/H window, L/H and R/H doors
  • Zip-Out Front Panels: Yes
  • Roll-to-Side Front Panels: Yes
  • Zip-Out Side Panels: Yes
  • Curtains / Blinds: Curtains
  • Draught Skirt: Yes
  • Hand Pump: Yes
  • Pegs: Yes

Dometic Dual Pitch Roof System Illustration

Dometic Dual Pitch Roof System

Kampa Dual Pitch Roof System LogoA roof system that gives Dometic caravan awnings greater interior headroom. This increases the practical nature of the awnings and makes Dometic awnings even more desirable and spacious.

As well as increased headroom, Dometic have considered the importance of the roof's performance. To avoid pockets of water sitting on the roof, it is important that rain water is shed efficiently. It is also important that wind is deflected. Both these requirements are achieved by the careful consideration given to the pole structure of each roof - maintaining it's tautness and thereby avoiding slack areas that are prone to puddling.

Single Point Inflation Logo

Single Inflation Point

Because Dometic link all the airpoles the entire awning can be inflated and deflated from a single point; this includes all supporting airpoles and beams - there are no additional poles to inflate. This makes the inflatable awning even quicker and easier to setup and pack away.

Sabre Link Ready Logo

Sabre Link Ready

This means that the awning is ready to use with the SabreLink System - a lighting system design specifically for Dometic awnings. It allows you to link upto three lights together ( providing 450 LED's ). The Sabrelink system can be fixed to the front and centre poles of the awning.

Limpet Ready Logo

Limpet Ready

This means that the awning is ready to use with the Limpet Fix System - a very handy and clever way of attaching the rear wall of your Dometic awning to your caravan. The awning has pre-cut holes and you place the Limpet through these holes. You can then attach the Limpet to a smooth surface on your caravan.

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