Kampa Optional Extras

Kampa LogoMost, if not all of the products on this page, have been developed to enhance, extend or add functionality and enjoyment of your Kampa awning. 

Unless otherwise stated, all are original Kampa products designed to suit Kampa's extensive range of awnings - but note that some products are suitable for use with other brands of awnings. 

One very clear issue for customers when they consider purchasing optional extras is knowing which products will suit the awning they own or are planning to purchase. Because of this, we have tried our best to make this clear on each and every product in this section.

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Kampa Reserved Sign

Kampa Reserved Sign£10.00

Dometic Gale Pump Carry Bag

Dometic Gale Pump Carry Bag£13.00

Kampa Storm Tie Down Kit

Kampa Storm Tie Down Kit£16.50

Kampa Limpet Fix Kit

Kampa Limpet Fix Kit£22.00

Kampa Awning Organiser

Kampa Awning Organiser£23.99

Dometic Easy Awning Pulley

Dometic Easy Awning Pulley£27.50

Kampa Deluxe Rear Upright Pole Set

Kampa Deluxe Rear Upright Pole Set£27.50

Kampa SabreLink Add-On Kit

Kampa SabreLink Add-On Kit£33.50

Kampa SabreLink Starter Kit

Kampa SabreLink Starter Kit£43.50

Kampa Gale Pump

Kampa Gale Pump£62.50

Kampa Sunshine Air Pro 400 Sun Canopy

Kampa Sunshine Air Pro 400 Sun Canopy£424.99   £420.00


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items