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Accessories add both style and class and help to enhance your holiday experience.  Some provide functions such as storage and others just make life 100% more pleasant.

All The Necessities Without The Bulk

Isabella have designed and created an excellent range for your kitchen and dining experience that includes an attractive range of folding or collapsible items such as wine glasses, food boxes, dish racks, trivets and washing up bowls – all the necessities without the bulk.

If you enjoy cooking alfresco, then take a look at the Isabella double gas stove that fits on a folding kitchen with wind-shields to keep the drafts out. Then there is the Isabella Apron to make you look good whilst cooking up a banquet with tea towels to match. Serve your food up on the North Crockery Sets, Bowls, Serving Plates and when the sun goes down, wrap yourself in an Isabella Blanket to keep off the chill. If you are usually a tasty meal for insects, then try the Insect Repellent blanket.

If you hate clutter and are prone to losing things, there are fantastic storage items such as the High Organiser and Shoe Organiser. You can get Side Pockets to attach to your chair, ideal for your mobile and sun cream. We have bags too .... Peg, Awning, Frame, and Chair for your kit and furniture and a Luxury Travel Bag just for you!

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Isabella Side Pocket for Chair

Isabella Side Pocket for Chair£10.79

Isabella Peg Bag

Isabella Peg Bag£16.00

Isabella Tea Towels

Isabella Tea Towels£16.00

Isabella Umbrella

Isabella Umbrella£16.00

Isabella Folding Washing-Up Tub 8.5 Litre

Isabella Folding Washing-Up Tub 8.5 Litre£16.79

Isabella TripLight Stand

Isabella TripLight Stand£17.99

Isabella Apron

Isabella Apron£19.00

Isabella Chopping Board

Isabella Chopping Board£19.00

Isabella Buildaglass

Isabella Buildaglass£21.60

Isabella Dish Rack

Isabella Dish Rack£21.60

Isabella Glasses

Isabella Glasses£21.60

Isabella Toilet Bag

Isabella Toilet Bag£22.00

Isabella Folding Trivet

Isabella Folding Trivet£22.80

Isabella Storm Strap

Isabella Storm Strap£23.00

Isabella Towel for Chair

Isabella Towel for Chair£23.99

Isabella Awning Bag

Isabella Awning Bag£24.00

Isabella Folding Washing-Up Tub 16 Litre

Isabella Folding Washing-Up Tub 16 Litre£24.00

Isabella Frame Bag

Isabella Frame Bag£24.00

Isabella Luxury Travel Bag

Isabella Luxury Travel Bag£25.00

Isabella Chair Bag

Isabella Chair Bag£28.80

Isabella Folding Food Box Set

Isabella Folding Food Box Set£30.00

Isabella Hercules Triple

Isabella Hercules Triple£30.00

Isabella Natura Coffee Set

Isabella Natura Coffee Set£31.20

Isabella Black Chintz Lampshade

Isabella Black Chintz Lampshade£32.40

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Page 1 of 3:    52 Items

If they don’t sell it, then you probably don’t need it! 

Isabella Accessories Logo


If you love your gadgets then you’ll see that Isabella have thought of everything. 

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference and we think that the side pockets are a great add-on to your chairs. In a world where mobile phones are seldom out of reach, the side pockets are a great place to pop them as you chill out.

Luxury items like the towels for chairs and sunbeds just add to your comfort and protect your furniture from sun cream, sweat, food and drink.

The trolley is great if you are planning a trip to the beach. Load it up and stop your arms from getting longer as you trudge along in the heat lugging chairs, sunbeds and cool-boxes.  Also great for filling up your water container when you’re on site, they work great on sand, grass and gravel.

We also like the rechargeable shower. Great if you have a dog who has had a mud bath or rolled in something nasty while you’re our for the day.  Just pop the pump in your water container and you have an instant shower. Quick and easy. Once your best friend has dried off, their caravan or motorhome ban can hopefully be lifted.

If you are a domestic goddess in the kitchen you will like what is on offer. Not only are there an attractive selection of plates, dishes, glasses and cutlery but there is a wide selection of folding and collapsible items. If it can fold down or collapse, it does... Buildaglass wine glasses, trivets, dish rack, washing-up bowls and food boxes. The Silicone Pot Holders that double up as trivets are a handy little addition to your kitchenware.