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Isabella Camplet Passion

Brand:  Isabella
Berth:  2 - 4 ( as standard but can be easily extended up to 8 )
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Without Brakes: £8,899
With Brakes: £9,799
These prices are for the Camplet Trailer Tent ONLY and do NOT include any optional items.

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Isabella Camplet - Passion The Passion shown with the optional Front Canopy and optional Kitchen Canopy The Camplet Passion shown with the optional Front Canopy and optional Kitchen Canopy. The Front Canopy has both the front and sides zipped out to act as an open sunshade. Side on detail view of the Passion exterior. General view of the Passion Interior Interior detail of the Isabella Passion Trailer Tent This is the Pelmet with Pockets - an optional extra that provides a handy convenient storage space for all your small bits. This is the Kitchen Deluxe - an optional extra that provides extra cooking space and facilities. The Kitchen Canopy is an optional extra that can provide shade or protection from light drizzle. The Passion with the optional Annex to the side. Provides extra sleeping or storage area. Isabella Camplet Passion - Layout
Please Note: Many of these images show 'Optional Extras'. These require an additional purchase and are not included in the prices shown. The images are included as they demonstrate the potential that is available.

Isabella Camplet 50 Years BadgeCamp-let Passion – a luxury trailer tent in a class of its own

With it's superb combination of comfort and convenience the Camp-let Passion will help you fulfill your dream holiday get-away, enabling you to explore those places you've always dreamt of visiting but never have. 

Feeling tired never aids the enjoyment of a holiday, so to reduce unhelpful light and encourage a good nights sleep, the Passion's awning has integrated blackout curtains as standard. The smart ventilation openings and the blackout curtains can also be used to help achieve a comfortable interior climate in the awning during the day.

Providing around 18 square metres of very practical accommodation, the Passion trailer tent is the ideal 'home from home'. It will cater for a family of four, but if you need even more sleeping room then you can easily extend the Passion as annexes can be fitted on both sides. There are also many other expansion options available, enabling you to personalise the Passion to your own particular, individual needs.

Take A Look Inside

Camplet Passion InteriorThe Passion has a roomy lounge area plus sleeping cabins.

The Passion is compact to tow, but provides roomy holiday living accommodation with two bedrooms that that give sleeping room for 4 as standard but can accommodate up to 8 persons with the addition of the optional annexes ( Annexes can be added to both sides - each annex provides 2 additional sleeping spaces thus 2 annexes would be required to achieve the 8 berth capacity ). Standard sleeping cabins feature unique ventilation openings, mosquito nets and blackout blinds.

In one of the sleeping cabins you can transform the foot end of the mattress into a smart 2-seater sofa making an excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee or relax with a good book.

Your Dream Kitchen Indoors And Out

Two kitchen options are available - the 'Allround' kitchen and the 'Deluxe' kitchen. Both kitchens are an optional extra. Regardless of your choice, either kitchen type can be swiveled round on the tailgate and out of the awning, enabling you to cook in the outdoors. If this option appeals to you, you may want to consider purchasing the Passion Kitchen Sun Canopy that will give you protection when it's sunny and also when it is drizzly. A neat, handy design aspect to note, is that the kitchen fits to the inside of the tailgate. This is the place it would be stored when travelling.

  • The Allround Kitchen - This kitchen includes: a collapsible washing-up bowl, collapsible water tank and a separate rechargeable water pump with tap and shower head.
  • The Deluxe Kitchen - The Deluxe kitchen is designed with functional storage spaces and pull-out drawers for cutlery and any other kitchenware. The kitchen includes: a collapsible washing-up bowl, a collapsible water tank and and a separate rechargeable water pump with tap and shower head.
Camplet Kitchen Illustrations
Camplet Kitchen shown on Tailgate Camp-Let Allround Kitchen Camp-Let Deluxe Kitchen
1. The kitchen attaches to the tailgate and swings out. 2. The 'Allround' kitchen option 3. The 'Deluxe' kitchen option

Practical Storage

Camplet Passion Storage PelmetPlenty of practical storage space for all those camping necessities is an absolute must when you are on holiday and the Passion can provide much of what you will need. For those nick-nacks and smaller items there is a pelmet with storage pockets. The pelmet hangs in front of and between the bedrooms / sleeping cabins making it accessible from the lounge area as well the bedrooms. It can easily store mobile phones, iPads, chargers, leads and much much more. 

There is also a handy clothes hanger between the two bedrooms / sleeping cabins. This is ideal for clothing items like dresses, trousers and jackets that you need to keep a bit smarter - essentially anything you do not want to get creased. But do remember to pack some clothes hangers otherwise it will not be quite so useful.

Even further storage space is available beneath both bedrooms. These spaces will suit the storage of larger items. The two spaces are different from each other as one has a base and the other does not. If you have items that you need to keep dry then the one with the base is better suited for this purpose, whereas the side without the base lends itself to the storage of items you need to keep cool.

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Passion Camp-Let Specifications

  • Berths: 2 - 4 ( as standard but can be easily extended up to 8 )
  • Dimensions: 323 x 160 x 95 cm
  • Width: 400 cm
  • Depth: 575 cm
  • Height: 230 cm
  • Approved Total Weight: 500 kg
  • Load Capacity with Brakes: 200 kg
  • Load Capacity without Brakes: 216 kg
  • Net Weight: 270 kg
  • Roof Fabric: Isaroof light 240 g/m2 - UV-resistant polyester textile, treated with two layers of breathable acrylic.
  • Base Material: PVC 380 g/m2
  • Side/Tent Material: Isacryl 295 g/m2 - particularly breathable material

Passion Camp-Let Features

  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels can be unzipped fully
  • Special details: Fixed overhang and good ventilation
  • Supplied as standard with: Pelmet with net pockets, closed and open storage spaces with direct access to storage under the trailer. 1 veranda bar, dark sleeping compartments ( extra spacious ), dark mattresses, integrated curtains, wardrobe rail and alloy wheels.

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